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Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

We all beg for a living. Or maybe we don’t. As I travel the great Northeast of our nation, I have had to end each of my talks with a reminder to the audience that I’m traveling at my own expense (no monetary support from my publishers or my sangha or anyone else), that it’s […]

“Touring, Touring is Never Boring” – The Ramones

I’m halfway through my East Coast Living Room Tour 2013. It’s been great. But it’s been very tiring and very expen$ive. I tried every way I could to cut corners. But it’s still costing me more than twice as much as I budgeted for — and I thought my budget was entirely too pessimistic. But […]

I'm Sorry, Toronto!

I’m Sorry, Toronto!

My apologies to everyone in Toronto who was salivating to see me. I neglected to check my passport. I noticed at the airport that it had expired on April 1st. What a dork I am. I had to scramble and re-organize everything. Why do we need passports between the US and Canada anyway? You can […]


Would anyone be interested in hosting me in Albuquerque or in the Great State of Texas next month? As you can see below, I have a talk at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe on July 10th. I’ve just been asked if I can make it to El Paso on July 15th. Albuquerque is in […]

Broadcasting live from the Hilton Hotel!

Return to Amma

Above is the trailer for Pirooz Kalayeh’s movie about me. I like it. And I like the movie too. We’ve been waiting to hear whether it’s been accepted at the Buddhist International Film Festival in Vancouver in July. But they’re not getting back to us. We shall see… Last night I did a Spreecast release […]