European & USA Tour 2023

Here are the dates for my live appearances in 2023. I will be adding more info and links (and probably more events), so keep checking back on my EVENTS page! August 5-10, 2023 Buddhist Summer Camp at Sanboji Zen Monastery, Berceto (Parma) Italy August 15-17, 2023 Retreat in Hebden Bridge, England August 19-20, 2023 […]

Transgenderism: A Buddhist Perspective

Zen Master Shikan visited Zen Master Matsuzan and asked her, “Just what is Matsuzan?”  Matsuzan replied to him saying, “Matsuzan never shows her peak.” Matsuzan, like many Zen Masters, took on the name of the mountain where she lived. Shikan said, “Just who is the person within the mountain?”  Matsuzan said, “It is beyond appearances […]

Alien Pancakes

Alien Pancakes

On my most recent YouTube video I talked about my favorite UFO story, the tale of Joe Simonton and his alien pancakes. Below is the material I wrote about Simonton and his strange encounter for the book about UFO’s and Zen that I never finished. The story of Joe Simonton’s encounter with a flying saucer […]

What Buddha Said We Shouldn’t Talk About

I haven’t posted here for a while, but someone recently brought up this post I made back in 2019 and I re-read it and thought it was good. So I thought I’d post it again. It’s got some out-of-date references, but that’s OK. You’ll be able to handle that. I’m also adding an article I […]

In The Light: Dogen’s Divine Light

Here’s my new podcast: And below is the text I am reading from, including some of the notes I used in the podcast.  In The Light This old Chinese Zen Master named Chosa Shoken, whose nickname was “the Big Cat,” once told his group, The whole universe is a monk’s eye. The whole universe […]