Zen in the Age of Fake News and Trump: A Webinar

fake-news-sitesThe Angel City Zen Center is hosting its first ever live streaming webinar on Tuesday December 13, 2016 at 4 p.m. Pacific Time (7 p.m. Eastern). I’ll be giving the talk and answering questions from listeners/viewers afterward.

You can sign up to join here: http://www.dogensanghalosangeles.org/dharma-chat-with-brad-warner-13dec2016/

The title of the talk will be “Zen in the Age of Fake News and Trump.”

Zen Buddhism originated in China around 1500 years ago and reached its peak of popularity either 1000 years ago in China or 500 years ago in Japan, depending on who you ask. In either case, it’s old stuff from a land far, far away. What possible use could it have in our world today, which is so different?

I shall attempt to answer this question in a thirty minute (or so) talk and then I’ll take your questions and see where we go from there. You don’t have to ask me about fake news or Trump or even Zen. I’ll take any questions at all.

Sign up now! All proceeds go to benefit the Angel City Zen Center and are tax deductible.

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