That Moment When You Realize You’ve Had a Moment of Realization

Whoever made this image was just fantasizing.

Whoever made this image was just fantasizing.

I’m on tour and haven’t had time to write anything new. Here is a blast from the past, originally posted in July, 2013

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So I’m in my car yesterday with a friend and she asks me something to the effect of, “What was your enlightenment experience like?”

This is someone who has read Hardcore Zen and There Is No God and He is Always With You, so she knows what I said about it in those books. She also knows that I’m not very fond of the term “enlightenment experience” because it tends to imply that there is some sort of experience which, once you have it, makes you “Enlightened.” But we knew each other well enough that I knew what she was asking about and I knew that she knew that there was no experience that makes anyone “Enlightened.”

So I was struggling with trying to come up with a way to answer the question she’d asked, to tell her in a direct way something about this moment that has shaped everything that has ever happened since that time – and perhaps shaped everything before it happened too, but maybe it’s best not to go there.

All of my life I’ve been aware of some very intimate aspect of myself that I have been calling “Brad.” I’ve called it “Brad” because that’s what other people seemed to call that thing. It is a very personal something, this “Brad” aspect of whatever it is that I am. When someone calls the name “Brad” it responds. Or at least that’s what I think happens. When someone says, “I love you, Brad,” it’s that aspect of myself that feels loved. When someone says my books are lousy or my music sucks it gets hurt.

This is an intensely private, close and familiar thing. It is so private, close and familiar that it feels like it cannot possibly be shared. It is the absolute me. It sees the bowl sitting on the table in front of me from a particular angle that no one could possibly see that bowl from even if they pressed their cheek right up to mine. It perceives my private thoughts that no one else can ever know. It knows my darkest secrets. It knows my fondest desires and it knows my most disgusting fantasies. It’s been everywhere I’ve been, done everything I’ve done, heard everything I’ve heard, said everything I’ve said.

People have told me that this “Brad” came into the world on a day in the very early spring when the trees were just starting to think about growing flower buds. They told me this “Brad” would eventually pass away. Some said it would be reborn after that happened. Others said it would go to Hell to atone for its sins forever and ever. Others said it would simply wink out of existence and no one, not even “Brad” itself would know that it ever even existed at all.

The view looked more like this.

The view looked more like this.

But on that autumn day on that bridge over the Sengawa River (I’m pretty sure it’s the bridge that appears at 2:33 in this video, the person who made the video calls it 打越橋,though I never knew it even had a name*) in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward, I saw clearly and unmistakably that this most intimate something that I thought was mine and mine alone, this thing that I thought was so personal to me that it could not possibly be shared by or even connected to anyone else in any way, this thing that was so unequivocally me that it was the very definition of the word “me,” I saw that this was not me at all.

In fact, this personal and private something was, I now saw, the personality of the entire universe from the beginningless beginning of time right on through eternity. I saw that this thing I thought was located so deeply inside of me that no one could ever even think of touching it was actually spread throughout all the universe. It wasn’t just inside me. It was inside Tau Ceti and Alpha Centuri and the Great Megallenic Cloud. It was there when the Big Bang happened. It was the Big Bang.

I saw that it was the very same intimate, personal, private something – the “me” aspect – of every person that ever lived, will live or could live – including you, dear reader. It was the personal private something of the sky and the sun and the moon and every ant or rock or piece of bird poop anywhere at any time throughout space. Nothing had ever happened or could ever happen without it knowing every intimate detail, bad or good, happy or sad, painful or pleasant.

If that’s not God, then I don’t know what is.

And perhaps I don’t.

Because it didn’t change me into a better person. It did not grant me moral perfection or freedom from the effects of my bad deeds. It didn’t give me magic powers. It didn’t give me extrasensory perception or vast insight into all things. It didn’t even let me know what color brontosauruses were. And that’s something I’d really like to know.

It didn’t leave me with anything to prove to others that it had visited me, like, y’know, when a guy in a sci-fi movie isn’t  sure he really traveled back in time until he reaches into his pocket and discovers he still has the autograph he had Abraham Lincoln sign or whatever. Nope. I got nothing but a funny story I can tell. And not even a cool enough story to get me on one of those shows Oprah Winfrey produces!

I also told my friend it was a little like going through life with a paper grocery bag over your head. Then one day somebody lifts the grocery bag for a couple seconds and you see there’s whole world out there. Then they put the grocery bag back on your head again. She said, “Why don’t you just take it off then?”

I thought about it for a couple seconds and said that I think it’s like Cosmo, my friend Nina’s cat. He’s the cat sitting on my shoulder in the photo on the top of this blog entry. Cosmo sometimes likes to run outside Nina’s apartment if you leave the door open long enough for him to make a break for it. But Cosmo never goes very far. One time he got out and I caught him. I slung him over my shoulder to take him inside. But then I remembered I’d left something in my car. So I started walking toward the parking lot instead of back to the apartment. Cosmo freaked out! He clawed the crap out of my back before I realized what was wrong and headed back inside.

Nina has another cat, Lilly, who sometimes sits and looks through the screen door but never goes out. Maybe sometimes Cosmo tells Lilly about what it’s like outside. Lilly probably just rolls her eyes. Maybe she doesn’t believe in outside. Maybe she thinks Cosmo just made up the whole concept of “outside.” After all, how can Cosmo even prove such a thing exists? Sure, there’s the view out the screen door. But why should she believe what Cosmo says about what’s out there? And especially why should she believe what Cosmo says about there being even more to “outside” than he has seen for himself? But it doesn’t matter if Lilly believes in the existence of outside or not. Her belief or lack thereof doesn’t change anything.

And even though Cosmo has gone maybe ten or fifteen feet into the outside, going any farther is just too scary for him. Ultimately he’s happier in the apartment. It’s familiar to him. It’s home. Even though the idea of freedom excites him, ultimately he likes the limitations of the apartment. They’re comfortable. They’re knowable.

Maybe this body/mind isn’t meant for navigating the limitless vastness of the universe. Maybe its place is here. But knowing that it is a manifestation of something much greater is nice. It makes everything seem at once much more serious and much less solemn and grim.

So there you go.


* Weirdly the first Chinese character in the bridge’s name is the ta from shikantazaor “just sitting” style zazen, the second character means “to cross” and the third means “bridge.” So one way to interpret the name of the bridge would be “the bridge where shikantaza is crossed.” Although I am very certain that’s not the proper interpretation. Google translate says the name of the bridge is Uchikoshi Bridge. There is also apparently a far more famous and beautiful bridge that has the same name.



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  1. Mumbles
    Mumbles August 14, 2015 at 4:42 am |

    I blame Netflix, everything’s on infinite rerun these days.

  2. minkfoot
    minkfoot August 14, 2015 at 7:41 am |

    It would be really cool if you got to pick what’s rerun.

    Like that orgasm by the side of a small stream, so intense that I actually had some fear for my life, and opened my eyes to look into my own face and didn’t even think it was odd, for many moments. I saw myself through the eyes of my own beloved.

    1. Shinchan Ohara
      Shinchan Ohara August 15, 2015 at 5:31 pm |

      Wow! Now that’s what I call proper satori porn.

      to forget the self is to be onanized by all things of the cosmos, and traceless onanism streams onan onan onan on an’ on forever

      Keep your big bang, Brad. I’ll have what mink’s on 😉

  3. Zafu
    Zafu August 14, 2015 at 10:32 am |

    It makes everything seem at once much more serious and much less solemn and grim.
    ~ Brad Warner

    It gives you meaning, which is the only thing that religion needs to do.

    “Outside” is just outside, not everyone needs to make a religion out of it.

  4. Mark Foote
    Mark Foote August 14, 2015 at 4:12 pm |

    I missed the photo of Cosmo the cat from the July 2013 post. For those who felt similarly, or for those who never saw the July 2013 post:

    Since this is a redo, here’s a comment from the comment thread of July 29th 2013:

    If you wish to know the taste of seawater and you live on an island, set out towards the coast and keep going. When you reach the seashore all you then need to do is to bend down, put the finger into the water, and then into the mouth and you will know the taste of all the seven seas. So it is with freedom, it has but one single taste.

    (Rinzai Zen Master Hakuin)

    Kobun was always pulling the plug on our projections and false assumptions,” says Sonja Margulies. Many years ago, in the Los Altos sangha, a student challenged Kobun’s frequent mentions of the universality of suffering, as Kobun held his infant son Taido in his arms: “I bet you don’t feel suffering when you are holding your baby.” Kobun answered, “He is my biggest suffering.” Another student gushed, “It must be wonderful to be enlightened.” “It just gets harder,” he replied. To a question, “what is sangha?” posed by a student in an early, romantic phase of practice, he answered, “bottomless garbage can.” Long-time student Martin Mosko recalls, “I did my ngondro practice under Kobun, in retreat. He used to emphasize, “You go into retreat to come out. Your practice is for the benefit of others.”


    1. Fred
      Fred August 14, 2015 at 6:56 pm |

      “It” has nothing to do with you other than it manifests through this portal of consciousness. So as it manifests, the you is inconsequential, and whether you is better or worse is irrelevant.

  5. Cygni
    Cygni August 14, 2015 at 8:44 pm |

    Zen and Chod should get together someday…..

    1. Mumbles
      Mumbles August 15, 2015 at 4:12 pm |

      I had a friendly exchange with Daniel some time after his first book came out, then we drifted apart when he proclaimed he was Quetzalcoatl after his second book -which covered a lot of the same ground as the first, only this time w/a healthy dose of meglomania. When 2012 rolled in and nothing much happened, I wondered if he settled down, but didn’t wonder enough to find out. His reasons for not endorsing Burning Man seem flimsy to me, these forces have been in play there for years, why is he just noticing? I’ll check out his third book (thanks for dropping this in here Cygni, otherwise I wouldn’t have known he’d writ another one), but if anyone is just now discovering him, I’d recommend Breaking Open The Head, his first one, -very entertaining!-OK, just looked at Notes From Edge Times on Amazon, think I’ll pass.

      1. Cygni
        Cygni August 15, 2015 at 5:33 pm |

        It’s been years since reading, but Breaking Open the Head was an entertaining read, I enjoy reading other peoples enlightenment porn, like your Alchemical Wedding. Where im from is a long way from California, attending Burning Man has never been much of a priority, I’d rather camp out by the Atlantic Ocean on a starry night with a good friend or two.

        1. Cygni
          Cygni August 15, 2015 at 6:44 pm |

          I should probably not get into my experiences too much 😇

  6. Cygni
    Cygni August 15, 2015 at 11:08 am |
    1. Cygni
      Cygni August 16, 2015 at 8:05 am |
      1. Mark Foote
        Mark Foote August 16, 2015 at 10:12 pm |

        A fantastic read, thanks Cygni!

      2. Cygni
        Cygni August 17, 2015 at 11:03 am |

        Your very welcome Mark, I have an armchair interest in the genetic xenolinguistics of animals, humans and Kerbals included.

  7. Cygni
    Cygni August 16, 2015 at 8:02 pm |

    I might grow up enough to be a Dharma student someday…

  8. Mark Foote
    Mark Foote August 16, 2015 at 10:15 pm |

    I went to the fortune teller
    To have my fortune read
    I didn’t know what to tell her
    I had a creepy feeling in my head

    The weekend at the Zen Center didn’t turn out like you planned
    The things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand.

  9. otaku00
    otaku00 August 21, 2015 at 12:51 pm |

    Recently we read that Brad hasn’t had any kensho and hopes never to experience one. Now he seems to have described exactly that. But: With the word “god” and an all-knowing whatever it is. And in main parts with the words we have read somewhere else, like in a Kapleau collection of similar experiences. Is this meant to be a joke? (It’s 3 in the night here, I may not get it.)

    1. constantine
      constantine August 21, 2015 at 1:43 pm |

      What you are noticing is an ancient hipster trick.

      Oh and I got 60 characters for you right here:

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