Sexism and Religion

Sexism is stupid. But sexism bolstered by religion is double stupid. Which is why it’s hilarious that people who bolster their sexism with religious dogma seem to feel that this makes them intelligent and their sexism justified. I know you believe God wrote that book you’re quoting. But he didn’t. End of argument.

Two things happened in my life over the past 24 hours to inspire this particular rant. The first was another visit to the Hare Krishnas of Los Angeles. Yesterday was Krishna’s birthday. So they closed off the street around the temple and had a big celebration with, of course, delicious Hare Krishna cuisine. Although I’m starting to catch on that their stuff is really high carb, which could account for the sort of high it gives you, a little sugar rush a few minutes after you finish.

My friend Darrah, who you’ll recall went with me to the big Krishna thing on the beach, went with me. Or perhaps, I should say I went with her. See, she had arranged to interview a young member of the organization who seemed like he was up for being interviewed on Suicide Girls.

So Darrah went and did the interview while I ate high carb food and looked at the displays. Did you know Popeye is (was?) a vegetarian? According to their list of famous vegetarians he is. I guess you never see him eating anything but spinach. Hey and maybe Wimpy is eating veggie burgers. It’s hard to tell.

Anyway, after an hour or so Darrah called to say the interview was over. She seemed a little out of sorts about it. Turns out her Hare Krishna friend told her that women are naturally submissive and their position on earth is to serve men. When Darrah tried to counter this assertion by citing her own real-life experience, her buddy literally went “Blah-blah-blah” and proceeded to talk over her. When Darrah finally managed to ask how he knew all this, the Hare Krishna pointed to a bookshelf and said, “I have five thousand years of yogic literature that proves it’s true.”

As I said, I understand that you believe those books were written by God. But they weren’t. That is a stupid thing to believe.

The second thing that happened is that I went to see a doctor to try and get something for the terrible headaches I’ve been having lately. I thought I had them beat but they came back in a big way this week and I’m leaving for Tassajara tomorrow. I just arrived in town so I was kind of stuck with whoever I could get to see me on short notice.

My doctor turned out to be a woman. Not only that, but she was significantly younger than me. And just to add to the mix, she was also quite stunningly attractive. This kind of thing is often a trigger for males to distrust a doctor. She can’t be any good, she’s a girl! I’ve never thought like that. It’s just not part of my way of perceiving the world and it never has been.

It turns out my doctor was very good. Unlike most male doctors I’ve seen for these headaches, she actually listened to what I told her about them and thought about what I said. Male doctors tend to be very cocky (pun intended) and just throw some pills at you after a five minute chat and a few things stuck up your nose and in your ear holes. This doctor paid careful attention and actually discussed her impressions with me. I was extremely pleased with the visit. Who knows if the stuff she prescribed for me will actually work. But at least she didn’t just whip it on me like some doctors do with their stuff.

I wonder what Darrah’s Hare Krishna friend would have thought.

I’m proud that my own spiritual tradition is resolutely anti-sexist. In his essay “Prostrating to That Which Has Attained the Truth” Dogen quotes Shakyamuni Buddha as saying, “When you meet teachers who expound the supreme state of bodhi, have no regard for their race or caste, do not notice their looks, do not dislike their faults, and do not examine their deeds. Only because you revere their wisdom, let them eat hundreds and thousands of pounds of gold every day, serve them by presenting heavenly food, serve them by scattering heavenly flowers, do prostrations and venerate them three times every day, and never let anxiety or annoyance arise in your mind. When we behave like this, there is always a way to the state of bodhi. Since I established the mind, I have been practicing like this, and so today I have been able to attain anuttara samyaksambodhi.

Dogen further says, “When arhats, pratyekabuddhas, and [bodhisattvas at] the three clever and ten sacred stages come to a bhikshuni (female Buddhist monk) who is retaining the transmission of the right Dharma-eye treasury, to prostrate themselves and to ask her about Dharma, she must receive these prostrations. Why should men be higher? Space is space, the four elements are the four elements, the five aggregates are the five aggregates, and women are also like this. As regards attainment of the truth, both [men and women] attain the truth, and we should just profoundly revere every single person who has attained the Dharma. Do not discuss man and woman. This is one of Buddhism’s finest Dharma standards.”

Later in the essay he says, “Nowadays extremely stupid people look at women without having corrected the prejudice that women are objects of sexual greed. Disciples of the Buddha must not be like this. If whatever may become the object of sexual greed is to be hated, do not all men deserve to be hated too?”

So there.

The entire essay can be found in Volume 1 of the Nishijima/Cross translation of Shobogenzo.


I’ll be away from tomorrow until September 11th. Here’s some of what I’m doing when I get back:

Oct. 26-28 Weekend Sesshin Kajo Zendo in Finland
Oct. 30 – Nov. 4 International Lay Buddhists Forum in Malaga, Spain
Nov. 9 Dogen Zendo Frankfurt , Germany
Nov. 10 Balance Yoga Frankfurt, Germany
Nov. 11 – 21 Possible dates in Germany
Nov. 23-25 Weekend Sesshin at Fawcett Mill Fields, Penrith, Lake District  UK Sponsored by Yoga Manchester
Nov. 25 Manchester, UK Sponsored by Yoga Manchester


Some of your donations to this site will be given to that female doctor I saw today. Maybe a lot of them…

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  1. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 9:29 pm |

    The most Buddhist/Miyazaki-like video game is Mother 2 (called “Earthbound” in English) and Mother i3.

    Mother 2 deals with these themes:
    – Importance of childhood
    – Anti-establishmentism
    – Definition and substance of humanity
    – Subjectivity is the only weapon against objective evil
    – Buddhist themes of self discovery and edification

    My friend wrote an essay about this and I posted it here:

    Check out both Earthbound and Mother 3. Mother 3 has a fan translation and I recommend looking at that. It was sadly never officially localized into English unlike Earthbound. Mother 3 tends to be more emotionally driven.

  2. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 9:41 pm |

    A cool anime that tends to touch upon the interconnectedness of life and cool ecological themes is Mushi-shi. Check it out. It deserves all the praise it can get.

    Here are my top 5 video games, top 5 anime/manga/comics, top 5 movies, top 5 goals in life, top 5 books. Yeah, I’m autistic too, in my own way. I tend to annoy people with my constant need to categorize things and when I was a kid I would carry around a list of my favorite stuff to show off and talk about them endlessly. Since you guys respect Andrew’s autism, please respect mine:

    Video Games
    1. Mother 2 (Earthbound)
    2. Deus Ex
    3. System Shock 2
    4. Planescape Torment
    5. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

    1. The Seventh Seal
    2. Microcosmos
    3. The Man Who Planted Trees
    4. World’s Greatest Dad
    5. Blue Velvet

    1. Black Jack OAV
    2. Transmetropolitan (by Warren Ellis)
    3. Mushi-shi
    4. Future Boy Conan
    5. Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (manga, not anime)

    Top 5 Books
    1. The Death of Ivan Ilyich
    2. Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain
    3. Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist
    4. Heart Sutra + commentary (transl. Red Pine)
    5. Tao te Ching + commentary (transl. Red Pine)

    Top 5 Goals in Life [besides the essentials like food, water, shelter we all need] (I am 21 years old)
    1. Become a good neuroscientist or possibly a surgeon. We will see what happens after undegrad.
    2. Continue practicing Soto Zen
    3. Get married with my gf and have 1 child. Just one if life is economically stable and I make good money.
    4. At least make one piece of artwork or book talking about stuff that’s important.
    5. Learn about gardening, foraging, fishing, and how to become self-sufficient in wilderness.

  3. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 9:42 pm |

    I know this doesn’t make sense, but… I have good tastes in art and stuff like that. I’m cool.

  4. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 9:52 pm |

    I want to change #4 on my top 5 goals to “Make a cat farm with my girlfriend.” Have you guys heard of Cat House on the Kings? My girlfriend and I are planning to start something like this in the future.

    We will neuter and spay all the kittens and have them roam freely on the ranch. All kitties will be happy. People really need to be kinder to animals…

    I don’t know if human beings should have ever domesticated pets in the first place…

  5. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 10:07 pm |

    Here’s a poem I just wrote:

    Ode to my Kitty Cat
    When I hear your meow in the morning,
    It fills my heart with joy!
    I hold you up and dance with you,
    Like a Dervish in a trance!

    Kitty cat, your cuteness is beyond conception
    It is infinite and brimming with nothing but goodness
    Your eyes reflect the whole of the cosmos
    You make Lovecraftian terrors evaporate with your smile!

    Kitty cat let me kiss your forehead and meow with you!

  6. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 10:23 pm |

    I am Iranian and my gf is Vietnamese. I have noble Persian blood and she has badass Vietnamese blood. When we have a child with mixed blood, he will become an indisputable badass. He will come up to me and be like, “Dad, I have beaten the original Super Mario Bros. without using any of the shortcuts,” and he will have achieved unexcelled, complete perfect enlightenment. My jaw will fall to the floor, and I will cry to the heavens. Celestial angels will come down and a chariot with horses will swoop down too. On the chariot will be Super Mario with his Godly wife Goddess Peach:

    “It’s a me Mario!”

    And with those words uttered I will have seen the things as they are. My entire body will shatter and the specks of dust will float into the cosmos… they will conglomerate and turn into a crazy Lovecraftian beast then, and I will hold the entire earth with my tentacle arms and saaaay…

  7. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz August 17, 2012 at 10:27 pm |

    The Tathagata is in Ren and Stimpy. All who oppose this truth will suffer for 100 billion quadrillion frickillion kalpas.

  8. CosmicBrainz
    CosmicBrainz September 8, 2012 at 3:43 pm |

    Serial Experiments Lain is a good anime. Check it out. Deserves all the attention it can get.

    I need to improve my math, btw. I want to get into informatics and computational side of neuroscience, instead of the molecular.

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