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Recently a couple of posts about me appeared on the Sweeping Zen website. These were written by Grace Schireson and her husband Peter Schireson. You will have to look them up yourself. I’m not interested in sending traffic to that website. I sent a response to these articles to Adam Tebbe, the editor of Sweeping Zen, after receiving an apology from him concerning some rather unfortunate discussions between us on Facebook.

I reproduce it here for your entertainment pleasure:


I had planned a very different response to this apology. But then I saw Grace and Peter Schireson’s latest mean-spirited, nasty and accusatory pieces that you chose to run on Sweeping Zen and I have changed my mind.

Please remove all of my material from Sweeping Zen. You may keep the comments I’ve submitted because I understand that removing them would result in making the comments after them make little sense. But please remove all of my articles from the page as well as the interview that you conducted with me. I no longer wish to be associated in any way with Sweeping Zen.

You say [text omitted because it is personal] has made this a raw issue for you. I understand that and I am sorry for [text omitted because it is personal].

But please also understand that my on-going relationship with L****** M******,  from whom I am quite thoroughly separated by circumstances I won’t go into here, is quite a raw issue for me. To see it characterized in the unfair and frankly childishly bullying way that Grace and Peter have done is extremely hurtful. They cannot possibly imagine how it feels to see that. Nor do I like the fact that L****** will probably once again get dragged into this mess (which is the last thing she needs right now) because of their posts.

Furthermore the idea that my opinions are merely the result of wanting to get as much tail as possible from students is deeply hurtful and offensive. It was interesting to see both “Stephanie” and Jundo Cohen, both of whom I have had some serious disagreements with in the past, rush in to explain that I am not at all like that. It was quite heartwarming to read at least that much in this ugly morass of mudslinging. No. My experience with L****** was nothing of the sort. Again, to see it characterized that way when I have already shared in great detail something that was extraordinarily difficult to share hurts a lot. L****** was brave enough to allow me to use her real name when doing so and it’s very troubling to see Mr. and Mrs. Schireson carelessly drag her into this. I’ll have to do some serious damage control now.

You may certainly share this email with Grace and Peter. I hope that you do. They ought to see it & I do not know how to contact them. Nor do I wish to contact them. They are not nice people. But you MAY NOT share this email on Sweeping Zen, Facebook or any other public forum.

Thank you for doing this. And I do acknowledge your apology. Acceptance may take some time, however, due to these two articles.

Try to stay warm there in Ohio this season. I know how yucky it gets there this time of year. You have my sympathies as a fellow Ohioan!


So far it seems Mr. Tebbe has not removed my contributions, for which I was neither paid nor offered any remuneration and to which I retain all copyrights or the interview, which I now regret having done. Nor has he shared this with the Schiresons. He did, however, send me their email addresses. As I do not wish to communicate with either of these people, I will not be contacting them directly. If they or Mr. Tebbe choose to respond here, their comments will be deleted. Sorry. But it’s my blog, and it’s my prerogative to do so. They can say whatever they like in the many other forums available to them. This blog will not become a place them to debate this subject. Please excuse the inconvenience.


Please feel free to contribute whatever revenue you think I stand to lose by having no further coverage on Sweeping Zen and probably a future of being bashed by their writers.

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  1. Genryu
    Genryu July 25, 2013 at 6:05 pm |

    One thing that it might be helpful to bear in mind is that Adam is not a very well man. He does struggle with a form of OCD, has bouts of paranoia and frankly just doesn’t like himself very much. Part of his defensiveness is that he is aware of these things and is very afraid of others seeing them. That’s why he often reacts to negatively to anyone who he perceives as questioning him or who treats him as an ordinary person, rather than the special person that he so badly wants to be seen as. That’s part of the reason that he set up Sweeping Zen to begin with. To someone who has great difficulty relating to people in a functional way and who also has difficulty in establishing meaningful and intimate relationships, Zen seemed to offer him a sort of instant community and one where, by associating with teachers, he could make himself feel as though he is special. I do feel sorry for him but, at the same time, I have reached the conclusion that it’s probably more of a liability for any Zen teacher to be associated with him or Sweeping Zen and so I do understand Brad’s position on not wanting any association.

  2. Sweeping Zen Watch
    Sweeping Zen Watch February 4, 2014 at 1:58 pm |

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