Response from Taigen Leighton

Here is a response I received to my previous blog post, I Wish I Could Agree, from my friend Taigen Leighton. Hey Brad, As one of the people holding the banner you object to, I want to respond, and clarify some of the misapprehensions in your article.  You missed the point.  First, the three banners […]


I appreciate all the feedback I received on my previous piece for this blog, I Wish I Could Agree. By now I assume many of you have seen the rebuttal to it from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. If you haven’t, click on the words “Buddhist Peace Fellowship” and you can read it. Here is a […]

I Wish I Could Agree

I Wish I Could Agree

Last week, Buddhists all over the Interwebs were wetting themselves over what was being called the “Buddhist Leadership Conference” in which a bunch of people who think of themselves as Buddhist leaders got to go to the White House and pose on the lawn with a big banner that said “US Militarism Breeds Violence, Not […]

Knowing for Yourself Even If There's Nothing to Know

Knowing for Yourself Even If There’s Nothing to Know

Here’s a Dutch TV show I was on. It’s in English with subtitles. In this interview I say something that I’ve been saying in a lot of my talks and interviews for the past couple of years. I might have even put this in There is No God and He is Always With You. I […]

Imaginary Conversations

Imaginary Conversations

First off, tomorrow, like almost every other Saturday, I’ll be leading Zen at the Veteran’s Memorial Center 4117 Overland Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230. All are welcome! It starts at 10:00am not 9:30 tomorrow. There will be yoga led by Nina Snow before zazen. And next weekend I’ll lead a 2-day retreat at Against the […]

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