Reality... What a Concept

Reality… What a Concept

I just got back from Tassajara last night. Tomorrow I’ll be leading the zazen and giving the talk at the Veteran’s Memorial Building 4117 Overland Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230. The fun begins at 9:30 AM. While I was there I heard the news of Robin Williams’ suicide. In spite of the lack of radio, internet and TV, news […]

Tassajara and Joshu Sasaki (Again….)

I’m on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner bound for Ventura. There I will meet my friend Kevin and tomorrow morning we will head out to Tassajara where I will be cloistered for about a week. I’ve been going to Tassajara every summer for a few years now. Usually I spend about a month. But this year, […]

Desire and Happiness

Desire and Happiness

This week I came across a New York Times article called Love People, Not Pleasure. It’s well worth reading. But the most important section is just three paragraphs long. Here it is: From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense that we are wired to seek fame, wealth and sexual variety. These things make us more […]

We're Moving! (A Note From the Web Jikido)

We’re Moving! (A Note From the Web Jikido)

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Many of you have noticed that the site’s security certificate expired some time ago. As much as I’d like to repair that, for a variety of basically historical reasons, I have limited access to the hosting that the Hardcore Zen site runs on, and no actual access to the domain record for […]

Too Much Fucking Perspective

Too Much Fucking Perspective

I’m in Los Angeles now. Tomorrow we’re doing a half-day sitting at Dogen Sangha Los Angeles, which is meeting at the  Veteran’s Memorial Building 4117 Overland Blvd. Culver City, CA 90230 starting at 9:30 AM. All are welcome. Details are at the end of this post (scroll way down!). I just spent the past four days in […]