Brain and Brain? What is Brain?

Someone sent me a link to an article by Michael Taft, called A Universal Theory of Awakening. I’d never heard of Mr. Taft before, but apparently he’s a well-known writer and “mindfulness coach.” I get the impression from my very small amount of research on him that he specializes in presenting mindfulness as a secular […]

The Buddhist Ethics of Euthanasia

Someone asked me about the Buddhist ethics of euthanasia. In case that’s a new word for you (some of the readers of this page are not native speakers of English), the definition I found online goes, “the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The […]

Thought Filters

Someone sent me an email describing some strange sensations and thoughts that ran through his mind every time he did zazen. Here’s how I answered: Yeah… Lots of things happen during zazen. It’s different for each person. The main thing to do with any sensations or feelings like these is to let them pass.  I […]

Now, Now, Now

Now, Now, Now

Someone sent an email asking me, “If everything really is no self, Big Self, or Buddha nature, how did small self get started? Is it something that just happens because it’s part of the human condition like original delusion or sin? Buddhism has an origin of evil conundrum just like theism.  Or are we just […]

The Origin of Greed Hate and Delusion

Someone asked me where greed, hate, and delusion come from. Here’s how I answered. Where do greed, hate, and delusion come from? People have been working on that question for centuries! My guess is that it’s rooted in the very existence of the separate self.  Now, there’s self and there’s Self. There are Buddhist teachings […]