Why is my comment not showing up?

Commenting currently disabled until further notice.

This blog is set up so that comments with just one link or no links go up immediately without passing through moderation. If your comment does not appear immediately, maybe it has more than one link. To remedy this, remove all but one of the links and try again. It should go up right away.  If you require more than one link, please get your own blog and link to that instead.

Comments must be a minimum of 60 characters (including spaces) and a maximum of 5,000 characters. If you require more than 5,000 characters, please get your own blog and link to that post in the comments.

This blog is not tightly moderated (to put it mildly). Comments without any links or with only one link go up immediately and usually stay up. I have rarely removed any comments from this blog. In the ten years of its existence, I think I’ve removed maybe five comments. I’ve only ever removed comments that contained hate speech, and I haven’t even removed all of those. I like the idea that if you make yourself look like an ass, the evidence of your ass-like qualities should remain available for future generations to study.

If your comment is automatically held for moderation by WordPress, we will probably approve it, eventually. Or it may end up getting lost among all the other stuff that comes in constantly. Either way, we do not recommend holding your breath. A better strategy is to remove the extra links and try again. Complaining on Facebook or elsewhere that you have been censored will only annoy the administrators and is unlikely to get your comment put up.