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Is There a Problem With Buddhism?

Is There a Problem With Buddhism?

My friend Danny Fisher wrote an article called Misogyny and Sexual Assault Are Still Missing Links in Conversations About Sangha Sex Scandals. It’s a good article and I don’t have problems with anything he says in the article. I think that what he says in it is right. But the existence of the article and […]

The What and How of Buddhism

The What and How of Buddhism

So I’m sitting here in Calgary at the home of Kayla de Both who arranged my trip here with Turbo the dog and Karma the cat. I’m supposed to meet Heather, my ride to Edmonton, some time this morning. But for now I’m just hanging out. I left Tassajara with a cold that had been […]

Back in the Real World

I emerged from my self-imposed exile at Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery on September 10th. At around nine in the morning I said my goodbyes and some twelve hours later I rolled into Los Angeles. It took that long because I caught the Tassajara cold that had been going around the cabins and I kept having […]

Son of “There is No God and He Lives on Long Island”!

Brad will be back in a few days, if things proceed according to plan, anyway, but we do our best to provide interim entertainment when possible in his absence. Once again, thanks to John Graves of Los Angeles Dōgen Sangha for his editing and publishing efforts on this. The podcast can also be downloaded from […]

Episode 6: Brad Reviews “Fire Monks”

While Brad’s away retreatin’ and waitin’ tables at Tassajara, we do what we can to provide entertainment from time to time, and thanks to Pirooz Kalayeh, we have a brand-new episode of The Brad Warner Show for you this week! Enjoy!