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My brand new eBook, Hardcore Zen Strikes Again is out now! Hooray! You can get it at the following link: Hardcore Zen Strikes Again If you are in the UK, you can order it from Amazon UK here: Hardcore Zen Strikes AgainI’m not sure why you have to order it from Amazon UK to get […]

When You Reach Pure Awareness You Will Have No Problems

My name is Brad and I subscribe to Deepak Chopra’s Twitter feed. Hi Brad! I don’t even really “get” Twitter. I’m not sure just what you’re supposed to do with it. The best stuff I’ve seen there has been funny one-liners like Shit My Dad Says or my friend Precious Veal.  She’s a hoot! A […]

Goalless Practice

This is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Jan Becker at Against The Stream, Noah Levine’s place on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Goalless practice is a koan. All the thinking mind can do with the idea is create an endless feedback loop. The goal of the practice is to have no goal, but […]


I didn’t hear about Adam Yauch (aka MCA) of the Beastie Boys’ death until a day or maybe two after it happened. But I was really sorry to hear that he’d passed away. I hope he made it to whatever bardo he was aiming for. Personally, if I were a Tibetan Buddhist, I’d aim for […]

Crazy Train

First off, tonight May 5, 2012, Zero Defex is playing at the Stone Tavern, 110 E. Main St, Kent, Ohio. There are six bands on the bill and the show starts at nine pm. So go! Anonymous in the comments section of my previous post said:The serious question then – does being enlightened give you […]