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I just put my Ibanez Ultraman Destroyer guitar up on eBay. The bidding starts at the inconceivably low price of $1500. There were only two (2) of these guitars ever made. I designed it myself for a promotion Tsuburaya Productions teamed up with Ibanez for at the 2005 NAMM show. This is my own personal […]

Stuff Part 3

Last night I reread the previous thing I put up here, “Stuff Part 2.” And I realized that what I wrote could be taken two ways. In one sense it’s about a guy trying to throw away stuff that he’s accumulated in a storage unit. But it could also be taken metaphorically. I’m kind of […]

Stuff Part 2

So I pared the contents of my storage space down to ten of what the US Postal Service calls “large” Priority Mail boxes. They’re really not very large, if you ask me. The dimensions are 12 inches x 12 inches x 5 1/2 inches. Those of you reading in countries where they use the metric […]


I’m stuck here at a Days Inn in Wytheville, Virginia after my alternator belt broke just outside of Bland, Virginia (yes, it’s a real place) on the way down to Durham, North Carolina to clear out a storage space I rent down there. I’m gonna type a blog post until the repair shop calls me. […]


Here are two new videos by Zero Defex for songs from our forthcoming album “Caught in a Reflection.” The album will be available on CD at our shows at: May 26, 2012Now That’s Class1213 Detroit Avenue  Cleveland, OH 44102with Killer of Sheep, Gun Parole and Dead Federationa record release party for the album by Cleveland punk […]