Can We Communicate With the Dead?

Here’s a new commercial for my forthcoming book There is No God and He is Always With You (available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indie Bound and at fine bookstores soon).

And if you need more blather from me, you can now watch and listen to the Spreecast of my talk at Hill Street Center last week. Just click on that link and you’ll have access to the whole 45 minutes. It felt like a pretty good talk.

We have launched a campaign to fund the starting of a real-live Zen space for Dogen Sangha Los Angeles. As the page says, “We hope one day to have our own dedicated center where we will host zazen seven days a week, a place that will serve as a social and cultural center for the DSLA community. We would like to be able to hire an Executive Director to run day-to-day operations. We have plans for community and prison outreach, expanded video, audio and print content… and so on and so on.”

I haven’t ever done anything like this before. But I hope to get a center going in Los Angeles and one going in Akron, Ohio. Pretty soon they’ll be like McDonalds or Starbucks, with a center on every corner!

My Living Room Tour is shaping up. But there are still a few open days. So check out the page about it and if you want to get in on the action write to Pirooz at

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Donations to the Dogen Sangha fundraiser don’t go to me or to this blog. So if you’d like to help me personally or the blog you can still donate at the usual donation spot! Thanks!

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  1. TheTempleWithin
    TheTempleWithin June 9, 2013 at 7:55 pm |

    Tox, yeah according to brad’s book nishijima said that it was nonsense and it broke brads heart to hear that.
    Brad also mentioned in another book that he couldn’t bring himself to tell a prisoner in san quentin that the prisoner’s “experience of leaving his body” was nonsense because buddhists believe the mind could never leave the body. He just didn’t have the heart to tell him, even though the experience to the man was quite real and undeniable.
    Watching this video really reminds me of my family. It’s shocking to me actually, cuz my family comes from a native aboriginal culture that is enriched with ideas of communicating with the dead. I’ve grown up around it.
    My mother told me two weeks ago that her auntie who passed away was seen in a room by the daughter right after the funeral. I just never really understood it.
    When these stories are told they are told with much meaning, importance, and power.
    Can you imagine if one day over coffee out of the blue someone you know tells you a story of meeting a family member and giving it as much meaning,importance, and power WHILE that person was alive? Very sadly unlikely.
    Can the walking dead communicate with the dead? of course!!

  2. My_name_is_Daniel
    My_name_is_Daniel June 10, 2013 at 9:02 pm |

    Is it possible to communicate with the dead? My resounding answer is yes. This is based not only on my own personal experience, but those of my family as well. I have absolutely no doubt. I’ve had numerous encounters, ranging from what could seem to be pure coincidence, to full on apparition formation. It’s something I’ve experienced since childhood, as has my sister, father, mother, aunt and trusted friends.

    The issue with these sorts of things is science cannot study such occurrences, at least not yet. Our equipment has yet to reach such a subtle point. That being said and science being what it is, such a claim is often completely disregarded.

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