Zen for Aliens

I’m a science fiction fan. I’m one of those guys who can tell you why Star Wars is not science fiction but Star Trek is. I can even argue why the original Star Trek is more truly science fiction than Next Generation, which often ignored the sci-fi stuff to become even more of soap opera […]

Angel City Zen Center

Ever since my teacher, the late Gudo Wafu Nishijima made me the head of the Buddhist order he established in Japan, it has been my dream to establish a center in the tradition I learned from him. This is a unique and powerful stream of Zen practice, one that truly represents the Middle Way that […]

Dachau Blues

A few days ago I took a tour of Dachau. This wasn’t one of those outings where a bunch of Zennies go meditate at a concentration camp. I just took the tour that tourists get. They take you on a train and then a bus and they lead you all over the memorial site and then […]