Zero Defex Has No Defects!

Zero Defex reconvened last night for the first time in eight months. The other three had a couple practices without me. But this is the first time the full band has been together since before Donald Trump got elected. Maybe even before he got the nomination! My God! A lifetime ago!

We sounded great. I hate to sound like I’m bragging, but, honestly, I am. Zero Defex is the King of All Punk Rock! There can be no doubt about that.

I was amazed. Maybe that’s what happens when you’ve known each other so long. Jesus. It’s been more than thirty years. Let’s see The Beatles top that! They gave up after barely ten, the wussies! We play once a year and every time we sound like we’ve never been apart.

Zero Defex is the Beatles of Akron hardcore.

Anyway, I got no time to write. Please come to the show tonight at Now That’s Class in Cleveland. They’re also screening my film Cleveland’s Screaming, which I produced, directed, edited, ran camera for, and which I thought would never see an official release. Well now it’s available and DVDs will be for sale at the show. I’ll also have some t-shirts from my last European tour (very rare), some books, Zero Defex CDs. It’s a free show but I spent a poop-ton of money to get here. So the least you can do is show up!

Rock on, America!


(If you can’t be at the show — and you really have no excuse not to be there after what I went through to be here — you can order the Cleveland’s Screaming DVD at

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