Why I Don't Do Psychedelic Drugs

Why I Don’t Do Psychedelic Drugs

A couple days ago I participated in a webinar about Buddhism and Psychedelics presided over by Allan Badiner, author of the book Zig Zag Zen. At the end of the discussion Mr. Badiner referenced something I’d said earlier. I was talking about my previous experiences with LSD. The fourth and final time I took it, […]

Psychedelic Zen

Psychedelic Zen

Tonight at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern I’m a guest at a webinar on the topic of psychedelics and Buddhism hosted by Allan Badiner, author of the book Zig Zag Zen. I contributed to the new edition of the book, although I have not received my copy yet. Those of you who have read Hardcore Zen […]

Don't Try to Help

Don’t Try to Help

There’s a koan that goes like this: Master Obaku Ki-un asked Master Hyakujo Ekai: When I want to share with others the teachings that you have given us, how should I teach them? Master Hyakujo Ekai just remained seated on his cushion without saying anything. Obaku Ki-un said: How can I teach the children and […]

Form Vs Essence

My friend Gesshin Greenwood wrote a great article in the current issue of Buddhadharma magazine. It’s the cover story! Do you know how many times I’ve gotten the cover story in one of the Buddhist magazines? Let me go through my files and count. OK. Here you go… never. Not once. But am I bitter? […]

You Can’t Be Sirius!

You Can’t Be Sirius!

Yesterday I wasted two hours of my life watching a shitty movie called Sirius on Netflix. I’m not going to review the movie. The Hollywood Reporter already published the most perfect review possible of the film. Sirius is a documentary is about a physician named Steven Greer who believes in UFOs and who thinks he […]