Mountain of Drugs

I recently got into a fairly ridiculous debate on Facebook with some people who think that psychedelic drugs can get you to the same place as meditation. I don’t really know why I bothered. Except that people who advocate this position are so passionate about it and it’s really easy to pull their chains. It […]

The Psychedelic Experience

First, I got quoted by a Huffington Post writer about Kalachakra, a big feel-good “Buddhist” festival going on right now in Washington DC. Here’s the article: I just returned from spending four days at Starwood, a pagan festival held in the Wisteria campgrounds in Pomeroy, Ohio. They had wifi there, which surprised me. But […]


First off I have updated my book tour page again. Some of the specific locations for European gigs that have lacked them are now filled in, particularly in France. I have also added info about the annual Dogen Sangha Zen retreat in Shizuoka. Since my new book is coming out in September, the organizers have […]

Sandra Sue Warner

1941-2007 Rest in Peace, Mom. Thank you.


There’s a guy who’s real smart. Buddhist guy. Knows every sutra. He takes up with a new teacher and the teacher asks him, “So what sutra do you lecture about? The smart guy goes, “The Heart Sutra.” Master goes, “How do you lecture on the heart sutra?” Smart guy says, “With my mind.” FOOTNOTE: In […]