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Won't Get Fooled Again (One Bright Pearl)

Won’t Get Fooled Again (One Bright Pearl)

The following is an excerpt from my book Don’t Be a Jerk. I feel like it’s appropriate right about now. I’m planning to make a video today explaining why. *   *   * Dogen writes (more or less): Before he was a Zen Master, Gensa Shibi was a fisherman. But when he was thirty years old he decided […]

Guided Meditation for Anxious People

Guided Meditation for Anxious People

I just wrote this script for the very first guided mediation I’ve ever attempted to create. I’ll be recording it in the next few hours. But, since this might be an urgent need for some people, I am providing the script in written form right now. Here it is: Guided meditation is not part of […]

The Sad Tale of How My Zen Teacher Failed to See Me

I want to study the doctrine of non-self. But first, I want you to listen to all my personal details.  I said this (more or less) to all of my Zen teachers. They listened politely while I talked and talked and talked about my life story. Maybe they’d nod, or shake their heads, or go, […]