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30 Questions With Nishijima Roshi

30 Questions With Nishijima Roshi

In a recent video I read aloud an email that I received in 2006 from my teacher, Gudo Nishijima Roshi. Some folks wanted to see it written out. So I dug out the email and here it is. On the video I corrected some of Nishijima Roshi’s grammar as I read the email. But I […]

How Can I Get My Friends and Family Into Zen?

One of my most frequently asked questions goes something like this: Zen practice has been really good for me. But my husband / wife / brother / sister / uncle / best friend / worst enemy … etc. is struggling with a lot of problems. How can I introduce her/him to Zen practice? My honest […]

Using This Critical Moment as a Teaching Device

We think we understand the world we live in. We think we know what it is. We’ve been taught to see it in a certain way. We’ve been taught what is important to pay attention to and what we can ignore. We have accepted a point of view. But, if we sit quietly and observe […]