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Is this the real me?

Transgenderism and the True Self

Last week I put out a video called “Gender, Karma, and Lava Lamps.” Some people thought that I was trying to make a statement about transgenderism in that video. I wasn’t really. But I can see why it seemed that way. I apologize for the confusion. This got me thinking about the current debates raging […]

JD Martignon of Midnight Records (right) with Billy Miller of Norton Records (left).

Zen: An Inconvenient Truth

Around the year 1990, I was having a conversation with the late, great J.D. Martignon, president of Midnight Records, the label that my band/project Dimentia 13 was signed to. At the time, J.D., who was French, had yet to release anything on CD on his label. I really wanted my latest album to come out […]

Psychedelic Validation

Psychedelic Validation

Last week a friend of mine took me to attend a meeting about the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs. I’ve suffered from cluster headaches for a very long time. Earlier this year they were coming on even more frequently than usual, to the point where I rarely went more than three days headache-free. This got […]