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This is what you might face when trying to enter an ancient Zen monastery.

Inclusivity in Zen

American Zen people enjoy wringing their hands about inclusivity. The demographic at Zen centers in America tends to skew mostly white. This leads some people to make the absurd assumption that white people dominate Zen. In fact, white people are a tiny minority of Zen practitioners. The vast majority of Zennies are Japanese, Korean, Thai, […]

Retreating from Judge Kavanaugh

Retreating from Judge Kavanaugh

Someone brought up the Judge Kavanaugh hearings during the talk and discussion period after zazen at our Zen thing at Angel City Zen Center this past Saturday. I wasn’t the speaker that day. I don’t remember who brought up Kavanaugh. But I was there, so I used my veto power and said, “Uhhh… I think […]