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My Christmas present in 1974, a copy of the Jesus Christ Superstar movie soundtrack.

Merry Christmas 2017

Today is the day when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Most folks know these days that Jesus probably was not born on December 25th. The Bible doesn’t give any indication as to his birthday. The date December 25th was probably chosen because European pagans already had […]

How Zazen Works: A Provisional Hypothesis

How Zazen Works: A Provisional Hypothesis

The following is an idea that I’ve been brewing up for the last few years. I offer it only as brain candy, not as some kind of final explanation. I assume this hypothesis is not entirely correct. And yet it has served me well for a few years now as a working idea of how […]

Meat Puppets II


There are no colors. At least that’s what most folks working in science will tell you. You see the soft blue backdrop of your computer desk top, the red filling of a Cherry Pop Tart, the vibrant psychedelic splashes on the cover of Meat Puppets II. But, objectively speaking, there are no colors out there. […]

Is It Better to Have Never Been Born?

Is It Better to Have Never Been Born?

A couple days ago, someone sent me an article from the New Yorker called The Case for Not Being Born. It’s about a guy named David Benatar who wrote a book called Better Never to Have Been Born: The Harm of Coming Into Existence. I haven’t read the book itself, just one article about it. […]

At least it was nice one day...

Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the USA. For those of you reading this in other countries, Thanksgiving is a harvest festival that supposedly commemorates a day of cooperation between European settlers and native people. No comment on how things went after that. Anyway, it’s traditional to say things you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. So here […]