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The KKK Took My Country Away... Or Did It?

The KKK Took My Country Away… Or Did It?

On November 8, 2016, the United States elected Donald Trump as its 45th president. When I first heard the news I was extremely angry. I went on Facebook and asked anyone who voted for Trump to please un-friend me. This isn’t a big of a deal for me, personally. I know exactly one person in […]

Yep. The slogan was first used by Reagan and Bush in the 980 campaign

Make America Great Again… Go On a Zen Retreat

Tomorrow is election day in the USA. My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that Hillary Clinton will not only win, but win by a sizable majority. There will be a few trouble spots here and there, but nothing very big. We shall see tomorrow if I’m right or wrong. What you will need most […]

Buddha Knows Who You Should Vote For

Buddha Knows Who You Should Vote For

I don’t. But Buddha does. We need to be clear on our terms here. I do not mean to imply that Buddha is some kind of spiritual entity or God sitting up in Buddha Heaven who holds a partisan opinion about who you should vote for. Nor do I want to imply that I, as […]