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Episode 6: Brad Reviews “Fire Monks”

While Brad’s away retreatin’ and waitin’ tables at Tassajara, we do what we can to provide entertainment from time to time, and thanks to Pirooz Kalayeh, we have a brand-new episode of The Brad Warner Show for you this week! Enjoy!

"There Is No God and He Lives on Long Island"

“There Is No God and He Lives on Long Island”

While Brad is away at Tassajara, and away from the Internet, we’ll be periodically filling in the gaps with some recordings of talks Brad’s given on his recent book tour. Thanks to John Graves of Dōgen Sangha LA for editing and providing the recording. Enjoy! You can get these automagically as they’re posted if you […]

Twitter Conversation About Enlightenment

:Dharmacology (@dharmacology) @BradWarner So, also no experience that makes anyone “scared”, “angry”. Really? I mean reeeally? 😯 Brad Warner (@BradWarner) @dharmacology I’m not sure what you mean. But I think I’d say yes. :Dharmacology (@dharmacology) @BradWarner You are saying our enlightenment is disconnected from our emotions, and our emotions are disconnected from our experience? Brad […]



From August 3rd through September 9th this year I’ll be waiting tables at Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery. There is no Internet access at Tassajara and cell phone signals can’t make it into the valley. It’s up a winding dirt road seven miles into the mountains and then down seven more rocky miles into a canyon. […]