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Hardcore Zen Audiobook Part 2

Yep, folks, the audiobook version of Hardcore Zen is now available from the nice folks at CD Baby! Just follow the link below to get yours! See what it did for Melissa? Here are a few more reasons to buy the audiobook: • I have personally enhanced the audiobook! Now you don’t just have […]


The Hardcore Zen audiobook has arrived! You can get it at CD Baby by following the link below: Don’t risk damaging your eyes and your brain doing old-fashioned style reading just like your grandma did back during the Gold Rush while sucking down a sarsparilla! Get with the times! Download the audiobook like a […]


I try to space these postings apart, leaving at least two or three days between them, so as not to wear people out. Last week I started uploading the new audiobook version of Hardcore Zen (see the cover to your left). My plan was for the next posting (i.e. this one) to be all about […]

Zazen is a Balance Pose

Someone wrote me this: So I have a question relating to proper posture. I graduated from massage therapy school about a year and a half ago. It’s taught me to be much more aware of my body, more cognizant of what’s going on. Recently I’ve noticed some unhealthy things going on with my zazen and […]

Spiritual Tourism and Spiritual Journalism

I’m almost done with an e-book that will be titled Hardcore Zen Strikes Again! and will consist mainly of articles I wrote back in the early 2000’s for my first website. Most of these articles haven’t been available since around 2003 when I took them off the web in anticipation of the release of my […]