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That Which Has a Beginning and Ending in Time is Not Real?

I did an event at a Finnish sauna last week. In Finland saunas aren’t just places weird health-nuts go and sweat by themselves. They are communal gathering spaces. People have parties in them, get spiritual in them, all kinds of stuff. I met one Finnish guy who was born in a sauna. This particular Zen […]

Enlightenment and Cat Poop

I’ve had a few male cats in my life. There was the late, lamented Shithead who would hump my foot every morning. There was Crum who lived with me in Akron and liked to bite my then-girlfriend’s toes in the morning when she slept over. There was Boy Kitty with whom I shared an apartment […]

Living Room Tour Part 2

I’m now getting ready to fully commit to the Living Room Tour of the Northeast. This is definitely going to be fun. But it’s also definitely — and I do mean definitely — not the most financially sensible promotional thing I’ve ever thought of. Pirooz and I calculated it out and in the best case […]

JUGGLING (the whole article reposted)

Here is the article I put up on Suicide Girls a few days ago with a little bit of bonus mnaterial at the end: A guy named Brian who posts on my blog ( asked: “I’m wondering how you feel about stories of Zen masters who endured what would normally be insane levels of pain […]