Make America Great Again… Go On a Zen Retreat

Yep. The slogan was first used by Reagan and Bush in the 980 campaign

Yep. The slogan was first used by Reagan and Bush in the 1980 campaign

Tomorrow is election day in the USA. My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that Hillary Clinton will not only win, but win by a sizable majority. There will be a few trouble spots here and there, but nothing very big. We shall see tomorrow if I’m right or wrong.

What you will need most after this fiasco is a Zen retreat!

You’ve been reading and re-reading and re-re-re-re-reading the same bullshit about Hillary and The Donald for the better part of a year now. There is nothing more you could possibly learn about either candidate that would make one bit of difference at this point.

You should probably educate yourself about your local issues. So go to Google and type in your address plus the words “view my ballot” to get the lowdown on the things that matter a whole hell of a lot more than who is in the White House obeying the orders of the bankers and corporations for the next four years.

It is about time you gave yourself a break. And what better way than by heading up a mountain to where no cell phone or Internet signals can reach and staring at a wall for three solid days?

On November 11-13, 2016 I’ll be hosting yet again another Zen retreat at Mt Baldy Zen Center with yoga added to soften the impact of so much sitting. We offer three and a half hours of seated meditation on the longest of the three days along with one hour of yoga (split into two sessions) and two hours of lecture/discussion. Three meals are eaten in silence as a way of continuing the meditation during the meals. There is also a Zen style work period of 40 minutes, which is yet another opportunity to practice meditation with movement. During the sitting periods, I also offer personal consultations with all participants (dokusan).

This is the perfect amount of sitting for both beginners and long-time practitioners. It’s not too much for beginners to deal with and it’s not so little that people who’ve practiced for a while feel cheated.

We’re also very liberal at our retreats. If you have to miss part of it, nobody’s going to bug you about it. If you’d rather go hike up the mountain while the rest of us are sitting, we’re not gonna tell you not to. We may wonder why you signed up for a Zen retreat instead of just driving up Mt. Baldy and hiking on your own, but that’s about it.

Retreats are a great way to deepen your practice. You can get into it in ways that you just can’t at home by yourself or at a weekly sitting where you just do one or two rounds. There really is no substitute.

I urge you now, more than ever, to take advantage of the opportunity. Details are at the link below.

See you there!


November 11-13, 2016 Mt. Baldy, California (near Los Angeles) Three Day Retreat

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Every Monday at 7:30pm there’s zazen at Angel City Zen Center (NEW TIME, NEW PLACE!) 1407 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90026 Beginners only!

Every Saturday at 10:00 am there’s zazen at the Angel City Zen Center (NEW PLACE!) 1407 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90026 Beginners only!

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