Addendum to “Noah Levine (is What This Article is About)”

This is an addendum to the article Noah Levine (is What This Article is About).

Sometimes I think certain things are so obvious that they don’t even need to be said. But sometimes I’m wrong and I find out I need to say things that, to me, are obvious.

And if that sounds snarky, I’m sorry. I actually feel bad that this was not apparent from my other writings. So here goes.

I am glad to see that the accusations of sexual misconduct against Noah Levine were taken very seriously by the folks at Against The Stream. As soon as they heard these allegations, they suspended him from teaching. Then they launched an independent investigation, which, I’m sure cost them some serious money. There is also a police investigation. And finally, there was the outcome of all that stuff which ended in the dissolution of the organization.

That is folks taking allegations of sexual misconduct damned seriously!

This contrasts with the way stuff like this has been handled in the past. No one outside of the immediate circles of Joshu Sasaki’s organization was aware of the allegations against Sasaki until long after Sasaki ceased being able to grope anyone. No one heard about Eido Shimano’s abusive behavior until it was far too late to do anything much about it. Then there’s the Catholic Church! Don’t even get me started on that!

When I have expressed regret about the loss of ATS, it doesn’t have anything to do with wanting everybody to take it easy on Noah Levine. And even if I did want that, what difference would it make?

I stayed silent on the matter until very late in the game because 1) it was really none of my damned business and 2) it seemed like the folks whose business it was were on top of things.

I keep getting accused of being unsympathetic to the folks harmed by Noah Levine. But it’s hard to be sympathetic to anonymous people and to stories that are so vague they could be just about anything. I can’t find much in there to be sympathetic to.

I don’t waste my precious time looking at Internet forums full of rumors. I won’t publicly report vague allegations I hear from third or fourth parties as if they were facts or even aid in spreading such rumors. And, anyway, why would I need to? It’s being done very efficiently without my help.

I can say for certain that Noah headed up an organization that helped a lot of people. That is a significant thing. I have also publicly speculated that he acted like a dick. I don’t think these kinds of allegations would exist unless there was something behind them.

I trust that karma will take care of all of this. As it will take care of me for being so unsympathetic to people who I don’t know and whose stories I have not heard.



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