Brad's books are available for sale directly from this site – just scroll down to the bottom of the page – so if you want to support Brad's being able to eat on a regular basis (and write more books), this is a great way to pitch in.

There are some additional products that might be of interest as well:

Now on sale – Gill Women of the Prehistoric Planet!

"Gill Women of the Prehistoric Planet" coverJoe Nofziger knows the horrifying truth. Aliens from Planet X in the Zeta Reticuli System have taken over Johnny Teagle’s HyperMart in Akron, Ohio and are using the prizes in specially marked boxes of Goofy Feet cereal to control the minds of the unknowing populace. The only thing that stands in the way of their total domination of the planet Earth is Ben I. Goldman’s “lost” trash science fiction masterpiece Gill Women of the Prehistoric Planet, the last remaining copy of which is stashed in Joe’s basement. More MADNESS than than a Three Stooges bake sale! More PANIC than a Philip K. Dick nightmare! More CHEEZINESS than an Edward D. Wood motion picture!  More TRUTH than the Great Heart of Wisdom Sutra! Unstoppable, unbeatable, unquenchably unquenchable! GILL WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET!

The book also features punk rock, paranoia, lesbianism, religious fanaticism and exploding dirigibles. What more could anyone possibly want in a book? We should be getting some copies into the shop before long, but if you want instant gratification without the wait – and why shouldn't you? – pick up a copy, in print or in Kindle eBook format, from Amazon.

Hardcore Zen – The Audiobook!

"In the past, there was only one way to read Brad Warner's book Hardcore Zen..."

The audiobook version of Hardcore Zen can be purchased from Amazon.

Rent or Purchase Brad's Movie, Cleveland's Screaming!

The Hardcore Zen You Didn't Read: Hardcore Zen Strikes Again!

In 2003 Brad Warner published his first book Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality. This is not that book! Hardcore Zen was a groundbreaking look at Zen Buddhism through the eyes of a Western punk rocker living in Japan who became an ordained monk while working for a company that made cheap monster movies. In this new sequel, Hardcore Zen Strikes Again, Brad returns to his roots and provides a glimpse into some of his early writings that formed the basis for that book.

These essays, mostly from a long-defunct website Brad produced in the early 2000s, form a snapshot of the genesis of Brad's first book. Brad has provided new introductions and afterwords to each essay as well as a complete chapter written for Hardcore Zen that did not make the final cut, plus an article about his experiences at the company he was working for when the book was written. Together they make an invaluable collection for anyone interested in Brad's writing as well as those interested in his unique way of presenting the timeless truths of Zen in a contemporary idiom.

You can purchase Hardcore Zen Strikes Again! directly from Amazon.

Books by Brad Warner

In addition to the books shown below, we have a limited number of copies of Sex, Sin and Zen and Hardcore Zen available in German. Please let us know via the Contact page if you're interested in copies of these...

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