Gill Women of the Prehistoric Planet

Joe Nofziger knows the horrifying truth. Aliens from Planet X in the Zeta Reticuli System have taken over Johnny Teagle’s HyperMart in Akron, Ohio and are using the prizes in specially marked boxes of Goofy Feet cereal to control the minds of the unknowing populace. The only thing that stands in the way of their total domination of the planet Earth is Ben I. Goldman’s “lost” trash science fiction masterpiece Gill Women of the Prehistoric Planet, the last remaining copy of which is stashed in Joe’s basement. More MADNESS than than a Three Stooges bake sale! More PANIC than a Philip K. Dick nightmare! More CHEEZINESS than an Edward D. Wood motion picture! More TRUTH than the Great Heart of Wisdom Sutra! Unstoppable, unbeatable, unquenchably unquenchable! GILL WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET!




The book also features punk rock, paranoia, lesbianism, religious fanaticism and exploding dirigibles. What more could anyone possibly want in a book? We should be getting some copies into the shop before long, but if you want instant gratification without the wait – and why shouldn’t you? – pick up a copy, in print or in Kindle eBook format, from Amazon.

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