Many thanks to all of those who offered suggestions for marketing my next book. My publishers read all the suggestions (well, possibly not the penis enlargement ones) and will take them into consideration. You really helped out a lot! I was just walking around thinking about what I can talk about at tomorrow’s Zazen class […]


The people in charge of publicizing my new book have asked me to ask you to help them out with some market research. They want to know where they can advertise the book most effectively. What magazines do people who read my stuff read? What websites do they go to? What kinds of things convinced […]


Been listening to Robyn Hitchcock’s new CD, “Ole! Tarantula,” a lot lately. It’s a darned good album. The best thing Hitchcock has done since the incredible Jewels for Sophia/Star for Bram combo in 1999. In fact it may be his very best album. Robyn Hitchcock is one of those rare artists who has never done […]


It’s December 8th. That’s a significant date for me for three reasons. I’ll list the stuff I always think of on this day in order that they usually occur to me. John Lennon was killed on December 8, 1980. I’m sure everybody in the “blogosphere” has already written about that by now. The day Lennon […]


I have no idea what that means. But it’s on the back cover of the Finnish edition of Hardcore Zen. I just got a copy of it. It’s published by Basam Books. You can link to their website by clicking “link” below. The site is all in Finnish. And I’ll be impressed if you can […]