I just finished Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. It’s all about how the Bible has been changed over the years by the various scribes whose job it was to copy the thing in the days before Xerox machines. Ehrman was once an evangelical Born Again Christian who believed that the Bible was the inerrant word […]


I saw Borat the other night. It’s very niiice. Usually when I see a movie that’s been hyped to all get-out I end up being disappointed. Conversely, when I see a film that’s gotten little or no press, or bad press, and that film turns out to be good, it seems a lot better than […]


Somebody asked me what I thought about the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. He said, “do we have a duty to pitch in whatever we can to help humanitarian aid and peacekeeping forces, to help save lives that might be destroyed? Speaking generally of African countries where governments have so much ability to do terrible things, […]


Before I begin, we’re still taking people for Saturday’s micro-retreat at the Hill Street Center. I think we have four people signed up so far. So there’s plenty of room for more. See the link to your right for details. Onto today’s rant: The elections are over and the Good Guys won. Hoo-ray for our […]

THE WHO at Hollywood Bowl 11/4/06 Review

I saw The Who at the Hollywood Bowl last night. I started getting into The Who when I was in 8th or 9th grade. I think it was a little before Keith Moon died. But I’m kind of vague on the chronology. I just now looked it up and saw that he died in Sept. […]