Sing in the Voice God Gave You

Sometime long about Nineteen-hundred and Eighty-o-three, I sent a tape of my songs to the Meat Puppets. Their album Meat Puppets II had just come out and I was playing it over and over and over. Zero Defects (ODFx) had played with them about a year before. I’d been putting together some of my own […]

Hey, Maharaja!

Good morning campers! It’s music day today. As I was fiddling around with a few ideas for the next post here and the next one on Suicide Girls, I started listening to some old Dimentia 13 music. Dimentia 13 was a band I had in the 80’s that released five albums on Midnight Records. Around […]


I am stunned and amazed by the response to that last post. It proves once again that I have no idea when I’m being controversial and when I’m not. I’ve put posts up here previously that I was certain would set off riots with blood flowing freely through the streets and no one seemed even […]


I wrote a nasty piece about Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind™ — a new process for Zen practice Genpo claims will give you Enlightenment in just an hour — for this week’s Suicide Girls article. It’s going to “go live” — as they say — at Noon Pacific Time on Saturday (March 3, just 2 days […]


My friend Bret showed me this clip and now I can’t stop singing this tune. Therefore I give it to all of you. If you ever want to do Zazen peacefully again, do not watch it. It will stick in your brain forever. [youtube=] I warned you!