No time to write, people coming in for all-day Zazen in moments. But I wanted to remind all of you that the new Zero Defex CD is available now from CD Baby or you can get a copy personally autographed by me on eBay right here! You think that’s cheezy. I think me and Jeff […]


I’ve spent pretty much my whole morning staring at my computer and scratching my head. I bought this thing called Fab Four, by East/West. It’s a virtual instrument thngamajig with samples of all the instruments The Beatles used. The demo sounded really cool and I had good fun with M-Tron, a virtual Mellotron plug in. […]


I’m back in L.A. Back home. I started an article about the Buddhist concept of “home leaving” this morning. And maybe one of these days I’ll finish the bastard thing. But I stopped working on it so I could go to a meeting related to my “real job.” And after coming back, I feel like […]

Fuck Institutionalized Zen

I picked up a little newsletter from the magazine rack at a Zen center I visited, a publication put out by the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center in San Francisco. And there was an article in there that, to me, spelled out why institutionalized Zen sucks dead donkey puds. The article was by a European […]


I’m at the Akron-Canton Regional Airport taking advantage of their free, uncensored wireless Internet service. If you follow this blog you’ll learn which airports in this country have it. Not only can I look at all the tits and ass on Suicide Girls (and cock if I were to so desire, they now have Suicide […]