My latest article for Suicide Girls just went up. This is an attempt at answering the question I’m most frequently asked. Which is, “Where can I study Zen in my area?” Even people who have read the F.A.Q., where it says I don’t have a clue about that will write something like, “I know you […]


First off, please go read the Interview with Ethan Holtzman of Dengue Fever I did, which is now up at Suicide Girls. This interviewing stuff is a new thing for me that I hope to do a lot more of in the future. OK. I need some help. Please read the following carefully before responding. […]

It’s A Podcast! So Stop Complaining I Never Do Them!

Here’s a Podcast of the Talk in Atlanta from March 2, 2008

What Will Zazen Do For Me?

I got an e-mail from Lynn Thompson who does the radio show Living on Purpose. She said: “I am airing our talk again on again this week,Monday (10th) 3 – 5pm ESTTuesday 3 – 5 AM (for European listeners)Friday 10 am – noon She also said the show’s podcast on Rabble was the most […]

OM and EGO

I’m listening to one of my two new favorite bands right now, the mighty OM. They are a duo consisting of bass and drums who play droning sludge rock that sounds like a 33 rpm Black Sabbath record played at 16 rpm very, very loud. I already mentioned them in an earlier post, I think. […]