I put a shitload of stuff on eBay today. Have a gander. It’s impossible to communicate with absolute clarity. But it is sometimes possible to get facts straight. 2 or 3 bravely anonymous posters have implied that “Brad is unable to hold down a job” or words to that effect. Since I am currently looking […]


I discarded the following as my new Suicide Girls piece for this week. But I thought it was sort of OK. So here it is for all y’all. But before that, here’s yet another song. This one was directly inspired by Dogen and is the climactic finale to my rock opera Hovercraft. It’s called: The […]


Yesterday during our all day Zazen thingy, I suddenly recalled this song I recorded about ten years ago and I thought you guys might enjoy hearing it. All is One I envisioned this as the climactic finale to a rock opera I never got around to finishing, which is why it has the long, elaborate […]


Today’s Buddha’s Enlightenment Day (Rohatsu) and we’re having our monthly one-day retreat. No time to write. Here’s a song of mine I just dug up called Examples of Innocent Anemia. This one’s about ten years old, I think. I don’t really remember much about it. But it sounds like a recording from Japan and not […]


Here’s a little number called Truth as performed by Dimentia 13 at the Phantasy Theater in Cleveland probably in 1992. The line-up was me on guitar and vocals, Joe Nofziger on bass and vocals, Dave Swanson of Rainy Day Saints and sometime member of Guided By Voices on drums and Carl Olsen on keyboards. I […]