Here is is, people! Photographic proof at last that while I used to be cool, I am now a know-it-all phony prick in robes surrounded by sycophantic fans who worship my thoroughly wiped ass day and night. Yeah, that’s right, mutha-fucka! Bow down to ME! All the way to the ground, you little weasel! Worship […]


In a few hours my latest Suicide Girls piece will be up. It’s 11PM Monday here in the Big Mikan (Tokyo) which is 6 AM in Los Angeles. I’m going to bed soon. But I’ll stick a link in here when I get up. I’m wondering if this one will cause even more people’s brains […]


First off, a new podcast of an interview with me is up. Click here to listen. Same old stuff from me again… Also, if you haven’t, please read part one of this article below, or at least just the quote from Dogen. It’s a good one (the quote, I mean). The guy who ran away […]


I’m back in Tokyo now after the annual Dogen Sangha Zazen Retreat in Shizuoka, Japan. A good time was had by all. Except for one guy who literally ran away. Well, I’m not certain if he ran or walked. But he left the zendo during one of the kinhin periods and just never came back. […]


First off it’s Brad’s new favorite song time! A new feature I plan to update every time I feel like updating it. Hooray! Today’s song is IMAGE DOWN. Here is the original version by the Japanese new wave band Boowy circa 1982. I heard this while shopping in a video store here in Tokyo the […]