Just a reminder, I’ll be the guest on the SUICIDE GIRLS RADIO SHOW tonight from Midnight to 2AM Pacific Time on Indie 103.1 KDLD in Los Angeles and KDLE in Orange County. For those of you outside of Southern California, there is a PODCAST AVAILABLE. I’m not a listener-to of Podcasts. I’m too old to […]

ZAZEN TOMORROW (May 19, 2007)

Somebody left a comment saying I didn’t list tomorrow, May 19th, as a day we’re having Zazen at the Hill Street Center. Uh, dude, I dunno what kinda perscription glasses you got, but when I access the page on my computer it says May 19th is a Zazen day. And it is. Just so you […]


I just got back from Japan and boy am I tired! But I gotta remind you that tomorrow, MAY 17th, 2007 I’ll be at the BODHI TREE BOOKSTORE which is located in West Hollywood, California (click for directions) at 7:30 PM. This will be the first book signing thing for SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!, […]

Interim Report From Japan

No time to write a complete report. But yesterday I met all three men who played Godzilla! I have photos to prove it. But I forgot to bring the cable that sucks the pictures from the camera onto the computer. So you’ll just have to wait to see them. Some friends of mine are over […]

WAR HERO and May 17th at BODHI TREE etc., etc.

The good news just keeps on comin’! I just got word that the first 0DFx (Zero Defex) 7 inch vinyl EP is now available from GET REVENGE RECORDS. This record contains the demo we recorded in 1983 at a studio called The Island in North Royalton, Ohio. The guy who ran it was a total […]