Here’s a nice article that’s going to be published in the upcoming issue of Shambhala Sun. You can also go here to read it on-line instead of as a PDF file. I’m not sure I see myself quite the way the writer does. But that ain’t no thang. It’s still an interesting article. To me […]


Last night I was backstage at Ozzfest. Yep. It’s true. Mr. D. Randall Blythe lead shouter of the massive metal band Lamb of God is, of all things, a Zen practitioner and fan of my books. Not only did he get me and my friends Bret and Ronny backstage, he dedicated their song Redneck to […]


My good friend Helen Jupiter just put up an article about little old me on Blogging L.A. It’s nice. But who’s the creepy guy in the Hawaiian shirt? Helen is (was?) the lead editor at the Suicide Girls newswire and is the one responsible for getting me the gig over there, for which I shall […]


I’m in Phoenix waiting for a weather delayed plane back to Los Angeles. I was in Montreal and Detroit this trip. While I was waiting I wrote back to about 50 people who’d written me up to 2 years ago. I really don’t know how to keep up with the correspondance I get. Apologies to […]


Last week I was interviewed by Lynn Thompson for her radio show Living On Purpose. You can listen to the interview on line by clicking on this bunch of words that are in a weird color right here. Or you can click on the title of this article. I’m listening to the first part of […]