Haw! Zero Defex was “along with NEGATIVE APPROACH, the most outstanding early-80s Hardcore-band from Midwest-USA!” Yeah, that’s right all you, “oh he just writes about his shitty band from a million years ago” weasels! Suck it up! If anyone knows where the royalties from this release are going, please write me. Cuz none of us […]

GIG LIST (Life Is Tough, Suck It Up!)

People always bitch when I put up lists of upcoming gigs here. But when you tell me a better way to announce this stuff I’ll do it. Anyway, I just spent all morning writing a new column for Suicide Girls that’s up now. I’m too tired to write anything else. Here are the gigs: April […]


Yup. I’m back from 12 days at Tassajara. As soon as I get a minute I’m gonna write down some of my thoughts on Tassajara specifically as well as monastic practice in the modern world in general. Hopefully I won’t offend all the very wonderful friends I made up there in Carmel Valley as well […]


I just got the following e-mail from Peter Rocca, one of Nishijima Sensei’s Dharma heirs and the guy who took over for me doing the Saturday afternoon lectures at Tokyo University’s Young Buddhists Association. Dear Peter-san, I just informed by Yanagimoto-san, the organizer of Dogen Sangha’s Japanese class of that Nishijima Roshi left the hospital […]

Oh, Woah We’re Halfway There!

Whenever I’ve had the opportunity and/or annoyance of hearing folks talk about various meditation techniques and give big answer to big questions from their followers hungry for big answers to big questions, one common theme I’ve noticed is that whatever style of Enlightenment they’re talking about, or whatever euphemism they’re using for the e-word, the […]