The band we’re (0DFx, that is) playing with on Friday at Square Records in Akron is Whornz not Horns as I previously stated. In their flier they correctly state that we were punk rock when the lizard me ruled. Damn lizard men. Such a pain in the ass they were. Yesterday I started writing two […]


We did our show last night at Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio in honor of the four students killed by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970 and it was the best show Zero Defex has ever done. Incredibly, there was actually a very good sound mix on stage and I could hear everything. […]


Zero Defex’s first show on our 2008 tour is tonight at Pat’s in the Flats in Cleveland. Tomorrow we’re at Kent Stage in Kent. The complete gig list is in the post below this one (too lazy to cut and paste this morning). The weather here in Akron is gray and chilly. I love it! […]


Man my left bicep ached all yesterday afternoon just from trying to play those Zero Defex songs. We had a rehearsal yesterday and got back into shape for tomorrow night’s gig at Pat’s in the Flats. It should be good. We’re debuting two new songs, the first new songs from Zero Defex in over 20 […]

Akron, Akron, Akron…

I’m in Akron today. I’ll be here for about ten days. Ten days in Akron! Bliss, I tell ya! It’s weird how I was so eager to get out of this place 15 years ago that I packed up my entire life and flew halfway around the world. Now when I get back here I’m […]