The NPR (National Public Radio) thing is here for anyone who wants to listen. As usual when there’s a story about Noah Levine and me, they used a picture of Noah. He’s more everyone’s image of punk rock, I guess (not a “garage band poser from the suburbs” like me ~ you guys are too […]


It’s raining here in Tokyo. In about 2 hours I have another meeting with the folks I work for. I’ll be on an NPR radio show called “Day To Day” that’s supposed to air on Monday. I’m told it’s on in LA from 9-11am on KPCC 89.3fm (though I don’t know where in the show […]


Jesus God Almighty help us all. Someone in the comments section posted a link to Genpo Roshi’s Big Heart Circle page. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse in the world of Buddhism in America along comes a “life changing seminar” with one of the “great awakened masters of our time” for just […]


Lemme see… We had 20 participants at the start of the retreat and 16 at the end. Most of those who left had planned to go home early. One guy came from Europe and the jet lag proved to much for him so he opted out early from total sleep deprivation, which was probably a […]

NEW SUICIDE GIRLS ARTICLE (Sept. Something 2008)

I got a new article up on Suicide Girls. Go look. I got back from the Dogen Sangha annual retreat in Shizuoka, Japan (which is where I am, Japan, I mean, not at the retreat) this afternoon then went around to some fave record stores here in Tokio. Now I’m too bushed to do much […]