I just made a correction to the webpage. This month’s all-day Zazen will not be on April 14th as previously announced, but on April 28th. This is because my wife Yuka is being introduced to American culture in the form of our inability to keep our hands off other peoples’ property. Her wallet was stolen […]

What, me, angry?

Here’s someone at UCLA asking why I don’t scream and rant and froth at the mouth in person like I do in my writing: [youtube=] To those of you who asked about hosting the whole talk, I’m just not up to it technologically. The only way I know of to do something like that would […]


Here’s some video of my recent lecture at UCLA. This one is about what folks call “mundane experience.” [youtube=] Here’s one about my first experience teaching Zen. [youtube=] And here’s one on Zen Trail Mix. [youtube=]

knowing and KNOWING

In my newest Suicide Girls piece I wrote: “Knowing that you don’t know is a really powerful thing. Knowing clearly that you don’t know, you can be certain that no one else knows either.” In response, a guy with the handle Apesamongus wrote: “I don’t know lots of shit that other people do, in fact, […]


I really want to see this documentary of Robyn Hitchcock (click on the words “this documentary on Robyn Hitchcock” or on the title of this article for the link & schedule info). But I don’t have the Sundance Channel. If anyone out there does have the Sundance channel and some method of recording, would you […]

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