CNN Appearance and More Great Sky Photos

I will be on CNN Newsroom Sunday on Sunday August 24, 2008 during their Faces of Faith segment at 7AM. I don’t imagine they’re gonna do the whole show just on me. So I’ll be on sometime around 7-ish. I also don’t know if that’s 7AM throughout the country or just 7AM Eastern Standard Time, […]


My newest article for Suicide Girls is up now. It’s about non-attachment. I wanted to put one up about Great Sky. But I rightly figured I’d be in no shape to write an article in the 24 hours between my arrival back in Santa Monica and the article’s due date. So you get this one […]

GREAT SCOTT! GREAT SKY! 2008 edition

So I’m back from the 2008 Great Sky Zen sesshin. I wanted to write all about it. But there’s a sale at Rockaway Records in Silverlake I gotta get to. So this’ll be short. Oh! Before I begin, I checked my zillions of e-mail when I got home. I saw there that someone posted a […]

Santa Monica Zazen, Cults & c.

I’ve made some changes on the page about the Saturday zazen things in Santa Monica. I’ve revised the starting time to 9:45 for instructions and 10 for the beginning of zazen. We’ve been doing it that way for a year or more. But I just never got around to changing the webpage. Also I added […]


Yesterday I hung out at the annual Hare Krishna Festival of Chariots on Venice Beach. My friend Svetlana was taping some stuff for a TV show she’s making to export back to her home country Montenegro and I helped out some with that. But mostly I was there for the food. I eat a lot […]