I seem to be spending a lot of my time retreating lately. In March I lead a retreat in Atlanta, tonight I’ll be starting one in South Carolina, a couple weeks after that I’ll be leading one in Milwaukee, then it looks like we’ll have one in Southern California on Memorial Day (still waiting for […]


See the trailer for the movie I always wanted to make… (Seriously, I wrote a proposal for a film like this that was rejected by Tsuburaya Productions way back in 1995. Glad to see somebody did it. I wish I could see it!)


Haw! Zero Defex was “along with NEGATIVE APPROACH, the most outstanding early-80s Hardcore-band from Midwest-USA!” Yeah, that’s right all you, “oh he just writes about his shitty band from a million years ago” weasels! Suck it up! If anyone knows where the royalties from this release are going, please write me. Cuz none of us […]

GIG LIST (Life Is Tough, Suck It Up!)

People always bitch when I put up lists of upcoming gigs here. But when you tell me a better way to announce this stuff I’ll do it. Anyway, I just spent all morning writing a new column for Suicide Girls that’s up now. I’m too tired to write anything else. Here are the gigs: April […]


Yup. I’m back from 12 days at Tassajara. As soon as I get a minute I’m gonna write down some of my thoughts on Tassajara specifically as well as monastic practice in the modern world in general. Hopefully I won’t offend all the very wonderful friends I made up there in Carmel Valley as well […]