Man. I’m listening to some dude give an explanation of a “Zen style walking meditation.” He’s telling folks that when you move one foot forward this represents that foot coming into fullness, while the foot behind is in emptiness, and then the other foot comes forward from emptiness into fullness, and so on. Where do […]


And let’s hope Will Smith can save us from whatever aliens attack. I’m back in Santa Monica and hard at work on book #3. We will be having zazen on Saturday in spite of the fact that no one in their right mind would stick around on the big holiday weekend. The fires near Tassajara […]


My new Suicide Girls article will be up as of 6AM Pacific Time Monday June 23rd. This would have been my mother’s 67th birthday if she were alive. But that isn’t what I wrote about. I won’t be able to post the link, though, until I return from Tassajara in two weeks. So maybe some […]


I am being held captive in a cell in San Quentin by my new boyfriend Bruno The Snake. I’ve managed to get access to one of the guard house computers through the exchange of certain “favors.” Please, anyone, send help soon…** ** I’m kidding. OK? Please don’t contact San Quentin on my behalf.


I’m up at the San Francisco Zen Center again. This place is getting to be like a second home or something. Or I’m getting to be like an unwanted guest who keeps stopping by and will never leave. But I’m here again anyway. Starting Wednesday I’ll be sitting a five-day sesshin at the Berkeley Zen […]