Sing in the Voice God Gave You

Sometime long about Nineteen-hundred and Eighty-o-three, I sent a tape of my songs to the Meat Puppets. Their album Meat Puppets II had just come out and I was playing it over and over and over. Zero Defects (ODFx) had played with them about a year before. Id been putting together some of my own […]

Hey, Maharaja!

Good morning campers! It’s music day today. As I was fiddling around with a few ideas for the next post here and the next one on Suicide Girls, I started listening to some old Dimentia 13 music. Dimentia 13 was a band I had in the 80’s that released five albums on Midnight Records. Around […]


I am stunned and amazed by the response to that last post. It proves once again that I have no idea when Im being controversial and when Im not. Ive put posts up here previously that I was certain would set off riots with blood flowing freely through the streets and no one seemed even […]


I wrote a nasty piece about Genpo Roshis Big Mind a new process for Zen practice Genpo claims will give you Enlightenment in just an hour for this weeks Suicide Girls article. Its going to go live as they say at Noon Pacific Time on Saturday (March 3, just 2 days […]


My friend Bret showed me this clip and now I can’t stop singing this tune. Therefore I give it to all of you. If you ever want to do Zazen peacefully again, do not watch it. It will stick in your brain forever. [youtube=] I warned you!