I’m leaving North Carolina soon on my way to Nashville. Details of where I’ll be next are linked to your left.

WELCOME TO MY LIFE TATTOO (that’s a reference to The Who, in case you don’t know)

I once saw an interview in which Gene Simmons was bragging that KISS was cooler than any other band because people tattooed the KISS members’ faces and the KISS logo on themselves. “When you’re in the KISS ARMY,” he said, “you’re in for life!” Well here you go Gene Simmons! IN YOUR FACE!! Check out […]


This morning I bid a fond farewell to the Southern (fried) Dharma Retreat Center of Hot Springs, North Carolina, leaving behind my little plastic bag of toiletries in their lovely Teacher’s Cottage for some future archaeologist to dissect and discourse upon. Meaning I forgot to pack my dog-goned little bag with my toothbrush, deodorant, soap, […]


The title is a line from one of the later Ramones songs. My appearance on Geek Entertainment TV with Violet Blue is now on-line. You can watch it, but I can’t. The Internet connection here craps out before the interview ends. Which may be just as well because I can’t stand watching myself that much. […]


Tonight, April 1, 2009 (Wed) at 7pm I’ll be at Malaprops Books, 58 Haywood St., Asheville, North Carolina 28801. For info contact info@malaprops.com. T-shirts are done and are available in two exciting styles. So you can pick one of those up at any of the events on my tour. All info is at the link […]