Happy Thanksgiving Day everybody. At least all you Americans. The Canadians have it on a different day and those of you outside North America don’t have it at all. Count yourselves lucky! I was never big on this particular holiday. Tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, as everyone scrambles to […]

Want A Job, Want A Job, Want A Good Job…

Nobody remembers that bit from the movie Sid And Nancy, do they? Some bus driver (I think) is telling Sid Vicious he wrote a punk rock song and asks if Sid wants to hear it. He does. It goes, “I want a job, want a job, want a good job, I want a job that […]


Yet another in a continuing series of blog postings written at while waiting to board a plane at an airport where they offer free WiFi. Today it’s Dayton. I’m against paying for WiFi at airports. I figure for the length of time I’m in one I hardly need to be connected. But if I get […]


My grandmother, Marian Warner, died at 4:55 this morning, Thursday November 15, 2007. My dad, my aunt (her daughter), my cousin Trisha and her son Robbie were there along with a lady from the local hospice who happened to be named Stacey (same as my sister) and whose husband is Brad (not me, different Brad). […]


Last night I shot photos for a new Akron band called Screaming Smoldering Butt Bitches. My fave shot is the one on your left. You can find more on their MySpace page, which is linked above. It’s a new page, so there’s not a lot on it. But most of the photos I shot last […]

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