TWITTER? Didn’t even KNOW her!

Elephant Journal named me one of their Top Ten Buddhists to Follow on Twitter. I’m right above that scumbag charlatan Genpo Roshi! So follow me on Twitter, but just don’t get so into my tweets that you end up like girl who died in her bathtub while on Twitter. If you really must know what […]


My new Suicide Girls article is up now. It’s all about Amma. Or is it? This will be my final article for Suicide Girls. The management there have succumbed to the pervasive Fear Of The Economy that’s going around these days. I’m not really sure why so many management types think that cutting the services […]

Patricia August Laquessa Ryfle, 1931-2009

My friend Steve Ryfle’s mom died last weekend. Steve is the author of Japan’s Favorite Mon-star (The Unauthorized Biography of Godzilla), one of the best books out there about Godzilla. I wanted to write about her because she was such an amazing woman. But I didn’t really know her well enough. Stuart Galbraith IV, author […]

July 4th Fireworks

Last night I went with my friend Nina to a 4th of July party at her friend’s house. This house happens to be located in an area of Los Angeles that is populated by lots of folks who very much enjoy their illegally obtained fireworks, let me tell you! As dusk fell, we were assaulted […]


My friend Nina wants to do Zazen tomorrow morning (July 4, 2009). So I will be at Hill Street Center at 10 AM if anyone else wants to join. Actually, I don’t run the thing anymore. So I should consult with the folks who do before unilaterally deciding. But I have now spoken. So that’s […]