I was taking a rare peak into the comments section of this blog the other day. Some commenter said: “But is [Brad] a Zen teacher? Then he has an obligation to correct ignorant behavior on HIS blog.” Another commenter thought that was so astute, he repeated it. Then someone else summed up my philosophy on […]


Yesterday I went out to Walmart at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Mall in Los Angeles and bought the new KISS album, Sonic Boom — their first new CD in 11 years. I brought along Steve from Dharma Zen Center who said that malls are soul-destroying places. It’s true. In the hour or so I […]


I thought I ought to write a little more about this idea of conscientious selfishness because I think yesterday’s post just muddled the issue. Sorry about that. This is the danger of blogging. I tend to feel that blog postings should be more immediate, unfiltered and un-fussed-over than regular articles. Maybe this idea is one […]


I’ve been thinking about compassion lately. People keep asking me about it because Buddhist teachers are supposed to talk about compassion all the time. But I hate talking about things I’m supposed to talk about. Whenever some idea starts wending its way through a culture it very quickly turns into a cliche and dies. Compassion […]


I know I promised an article about jukai, the precepts ceremony. But someone wrote in with this question and I’d like to try and answer it: How does one reinvigorate one’s practice after losing the illusions that brought one to practice in the first place? That’s where I’m at now. I originally practiced hoping to […]