OK, all you people who subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I’ve finally put some new stuff up there. I just uploaded a bunch of my old teenage movies. All of these were done on Super 8 film (not video, kids!) around 1979-1980 when I was 15 and 16 years old. The film was silent. The […]


Zazen tomorrow at Hill Street Center. Details are in the links to your left. Don’t forget to bring a crisp new $5 bill with you. The rent I’m paying to host these things ain’t gettin’ paid in good vibes! When I was at the Great Sky Sesshin last month, my friend Greg Fain, from the […]

ZEN WRAPPED IN KARMA progress report

Check out this work of genius I scrawled on a Starbucks bag yesterday. I don’t know if this gag has been done before. Seems like Gary Larson would have to have thought of it. Or somebody. Maybe this is the most common one-panel dinosaur gag in the history of one-panel dinosaur gags. Anyway here you […]

BAD BUDDHISM (part a million)

I was answering some e-mails today from loyal readers of my books and this blog. One guy asked me about the signs that one may be approaching satori or kensho (i.e. Enlightenment). Y’know when people talk about their Enlightenment experiences or other big deal events in their meditation practice it just sounds to me like […]


I just added a link over there to your left to a page I put together of instructions on how to do zazen. The model is LizaRose from Suicide Girls. The photographer was Svetlana Dekic. She took the photo of me on the back cover of Sit Down And Shut Up as well as the […]