First off a very funny video my friend Steve sent me. Does anyone know how to copy a video from YouTube? Cuz I’m sure they’ll pull this one off the site.[youtube=] So I got up this morning and looked out the window of the place they’re putting me up here in Saskatoon and it snowed […]


What can I tell you about Saskatoon? It’s way up north. Everybody has little electrical cables sticking out from under the hoods of their cars. I asked about this and was told it’s a kind of heater you plug in at night. Cuz when it gets to be like 50 below the oil and other […]


I’m running out of rock songs about Detroit for the title of posts here. My gigs in Detroit are done. So here’s your update.Friday May 1stZERO DEFEX with Amino Acids and U.D.I. at the Comet Club The last time Zero Defex played was on May 4th 2008 in Kent, Ohio. Jeffro Smull, our guitarist, arranged […]


Couple new things since yesterday. An Interview by Jon Rubenstein for Adventures in Compassion in the Screen Trade. Very nice and a unique perspective. Here is a link to an iTunes file of my talk in San Antonio. When I clicked this link it started a kind of convoluted process that eventually landed me in […]


This is my second posting from a moving train. Today’s journey is taking me from Montreal through Toronto and then on to Windsor, where Vince from Still Point Zen Center in Detroit will take me across the border. Zero Defex is playing tomorrow at a place in Detroit called The Comet. We haven’t played together […]