My Home Town and Bullshit Sexism in Buddhism

I’m thinking about reinstating the comments section. But I’m gonna need to consult with Aaron now that he’s involved. Anyway, I’ve occasionally seen debates crop up over whether or not Brad Warner is really “street” or, in fact, secretly did not grow up in the alleys of the inner city, but (~gasp!~) in a quiet […]

BC Report & c.

I did my first talk in Victoria, BC last night. It was very nice. There’s a photo of the event to your left. It was Rinzai style Zen in the tradition of Joshu Sasaki Roshi. A couple days before that I gave a talk at another temple in the Sasaki tradition, Vancouver Zen Centre (they […]

Dharma Wars and Appolgies to Canada

First off, someone pointed out that Vancouver is in Southwest Canada, not Northwest Canada. True. I was mixing two ideas, one of which was that I’d been trying for ages to set up a Northwest Tour. This would’ve included Seattle, Portland, Victoria and Vancouver. But only the folks in Victoria, BC, Canada ponied up for […]


So I’m sitting on a sofa looking out at a lovely view of the city of Vancouver and its surrounding mountains. Low clouds, gray skies, leaves of red and gold. The bay, the buildings, the docks. I gave my first talk last night. It was really cool. Thanks to everyone who attended. I have another […]

Interview With DEVO

The Interview with Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO I recently did for Suicide Girls is now on-line. Go check it out! And remember to come see the talks I’m doing in Canada and Minnesota. All the info you need is at this link. You can comment about it here (but it’s better to comment on the […]