We’re having a one-day Zazen retreat tomorrow at the Hill Street Center in Santa Monica. The details are over there to your right at the link called “Monthly Zazen Retreats.” For all the flak I’ve taken for supposedly being a celebrity Zen Master who is only into Buddhism to become famous, we’ve had exactly two (2) people sign up for the thing. Guess I need a better publicist or something. It’s still not too late to sign up. Just send me an e-mail & reserve your spot!

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  1. Incognito
    Incognito July 7, 2006 at 1:24 pm |

    I’ll be sitting with you in spirit. 🙂

  2. SmoggyRob
    SmoggyRob July 10, 2006 at 5:45 am |


    I have read* that the Buddha learned tranquility (samatha) meditation from his teachers; then discovered (rediscovered?) insight (vipassana) mediatation and used that to attain enlightenment.

    I’ve further read that he never practiced vipassana meditation again, using only tranquility meditation for the rest of his life.

    Could you say something about this, and how the Soto practice of shikantaza (just sitting) meditation fits into this?


    Rob Robbins


  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 6, 2007 at 11:06 pm |

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