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In 2005, Brad Warner re-joined the hardcore punk band Zero Defex, with whom he’d played bass in the 1980s (see his books Hardcore Zen and Sit Down and Shut Up for details) for an event called Cleveland’s Screaming. At the show a number of Northeast Ohio hardcore bands from the era re-grouped to celebrate their legacies. Brad interviewed the bands and then embarked on a three-year journey to talk to everyone he could about the scene and put together this fascinating documentary. Also featured in the film are The Pagans, The Dark, The Offbeats, Agitated, The Dead Boys, The Defnics, Rubber City Rebels, Hammer-Damage, The Plague, Starvation Army, and many more. Few of the NE Ohio made it big, but that’s the whole point of the film. All over the world there were little punk scenes like the one in NE Ohio that meant everything to those who were a part of them, and that profoundly influenced a generation even though few of the participants became famous.
A visual companion to Brad’s book Sit Down and Shut Up, which was written as the film was being made.

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BRAD WARNER’S HARDCORE ZEN is a documentary about a controversial Zen master who has sought to strip away the sheen off many taboo topics in Zen Buddhism and exhibit a healthy dose of reality to his readers.