I have no idea what that means. But it’s on the back cover of the Finnish edition of Hardcore Zen. I just got a copy of it. It’s published by Basam Books. You can link to their website by clicking “link” below. The site is all in Finnish. And I’ll be impressed if you can read all that Finnish from start to finish!

So anyone out there in Finland — officially “Scandanavia’s best country!” Take that Norway! — who has been frustrated up till now at not having the book in your native language, there ya go! The cover is nice. It’s certainly a lot cheerier than the US version. I hope the publication of the book will prevent a few suicides in the country with the highest suicide rate among GNP nations, according to Wikipedia. Maybe the thing above says “Don’t kill yourself! Read this book instead!”

I don’t know if the translation is good or not. Maybe someone who can read it can tell me. And do they know who Moe, Larry and Shemp are in Finland?

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