I think someone asked, “Would you please write about Canadian heavy metal power trio, Rush?” So here it is.

I always liked Rush in high school. But after the Moving Pictures album it seemed like they wanted to reinvent themselves as Canada’s answer to The Police. I did like the song “Great White North,” their collaboration with Bob and Doug McKenzie in the mid-80s. But by then it was too late. I was off Rush.

But lately I’ve been listening to Rush again. I just got the 3-LP set Rush Archives, which contains the first 3 Rush albums in their entirety (Rush, Fly By Night & Caress of Steel).

There’s a song on the first album that’s been puzzling me. It’s called “In the Mood.” In the chorus bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee sings:

Hey baby, it’s a quarter to eight
I feel I’m in the mood

OK. I’m with you so far, Geddy. It’s 15 minutes till 8 and you’re horny. But then the next line goes:

Hey baby, the hour is late
I feel I got to move

Now here I have a problem. Does Geddy Lee consider 7:45 to be “late?” Because to me, either AM or PM, 7:45 is hardly “late.” I have three theories.

1. Geddy Lee habitually goes to bed very, very early.
2. We’re talking about 7:45 AM and Geddy has been up all night. So, from his perspective, 7:45 is, indeed, very late.
3. Maybe Geddy himself doesn’t go to bed that early, but perhaps Canadians in general turn in early and he is reflecting a culturally ingrained habit.

I reject theory #1 because Geddy, being a rock & roller would hardly be able to go to bed habitually early even if he wanted to given the hours at which he worked. Theory #2 seems more plausible. But the song gives the impression that he has just met the young lady in question, with lines like “I like your style” and “won’t you come talk to me for a little while” and so on. There are no other references to the two having stayed up all night, which would seem to be the theme of the song if theory #2 is correct. So I have to reject theory #2 as well. This leaves theory #3, which I can neither confirm nor disprove.

Canadian readers feel free to comment, or they or others can submit alternative theories.

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  1. Jinzang
    Jinzang February 16, 2007 at 4:55 pm |

    I met Surya Das when he was living at KTD. This was before he did the three year retreat in France, took Dzogchen on the road, and became a famous author. He was pretty much a regular guy and no doubt he still is.

    I also knew Cliff Stoll way back when he worked at the Space Telescope. That was before he became a famous author. He was crazy back then and no doubt he still is.

  2. Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf February 16, 2007 at 10:03 pm |

    Dan- I’m glad you enjoyed the clip.

    Jinzang- I enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing.

    KTD, so I take it you know Khenpo Karthar and Bardor Tulku. How about Lama Kathy? She is head of the KTC branch in Columbus, Ohio. Wonderful Lady!

    Though I don’t practice Tibetan Buddhism anymore, I still respect many of the teachers I’ve met. Bardor Tulku gave me some of the best advice once. I was telling him about what some new agey crystal healing lady said about me (can’t really recall, but I was really agonizing over it at the time) Bardor Tulku said to me something like, “Don’t listen to other people. It’s more peacefull that way.” LOL. I will always remember that.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 22, 2007 at 10:29 pm |

    I totally agree with the ‘transformation-into-the-Canadian-answer-to-The Police’ postulation. Their first album they sounded like a Canadian-Zep ripoff. Here’s MY theory: Maybe It’s a badly written lyric because RUSH SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. Don’t act surprised. You knew…

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 2, 2007 at 12:13 pm |

    Yes, eight rhymes with Late. That’s all.

    This is the GREATEST ALBUM EVER!

    I miss John Rutsey, I can’t take the objectivist crap.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 13, 2007 at 1:00 pm |

    ummmmm ur an ass.

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